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Bliss N Eso interview

Author: Victoria Marie
Friday, May 23, 2008
Sack the sounds to some sexy hip hop beats of Bliss n Eso, Aussie hip hop has never been so pop_u_lar.. The North Sydney boys were here in Perth on their 'Flying Colours' tour and I was backstage to crash their party!

So where did you all grow up and how did you come together as a group-
MC Bliss "I grew up in Indonesia, America and Australia."
DJ Izm "I grew up in Australia."
MC Eso "I was born in Penrith *laughs* then I moved to Coolangatta for a bit of the Gold Coast Style, um, then we all met on the North shore in Sydney. And that's where me & Bliss went to school and then in year 9 I left and went to another school and that's where I met Izm. But if we want to go back, we [Bliss and Eso] first started doing hip hop in year 8. That's when we knew we wanted to go big with it."
MC Bliss "We met in year 7 and we were the only kids in the school doin hip hop."
DJ Izm "The boys were looking for a dj & I heard this mixed tape from a mutual friend of ours and one night I went around with my decks and the boys were like 'this is startin to sound like hip hop!'"

Flying Colours, your recent Album which was released in April, went to #10 on the ARIA's chart in the first week! Where were you when you heard about it hitting #10 and what did you do to celebrate-DJ Izm "We were in this cheap shitty old little hotel room, The Hoey Moey! With bunk beds and we had a loud speaker and we just had everyone there and we got aah"
MC Bliss "Its a good feeling you know, because we have worked really hard through the whole thing and it's a hard process."

Now, lets take about your single from the album, Bullet and a Target! All the proceeds are going to The Oaktree Foundation. How did that come about and what influenced you-
MC Bliss "We went over to South Africa and it was an eye opening experience..."
DJ Izm "Very inspirational for all of us."
MC Bliss "We saw a lot of things and its a very easy way we can help out, you know- We're creative and we're musicians and we made a song to help."
DJ Izm "We were touched by the country and the people and MC Eso is actually South African and my father is North African. So Africa was a big..."Split because of colour but bound because of blood, that's what we are; American (points to Bliss), Morrocon (himself) and South African/Australia (Eso)."

Do you know how much has been raised for The Oaktree Foundation so far-
MC Bliss "We haven't got figures yet, but just in terms of awareness itself its been very satisfying."
DJ Izm "The Oaktree Foundation are the most solid, honest and trusting organisation."
MC Bliss "We actually met Hugh Evans, the founder, on the Make Poverty History tour and that's how we got to know The Oaktree Foundation."
DJ Izm "We fell in love with the guy, we believe in his mission and what he's all about and he's a real funny bugger. He loves our music. We went over to South Africa to do a little mission, we went over there just to do a documentary not to do a song."
MC Bliss "We went over there with MTV to shoot a documentary about the situation over there in South Africa and what The Oaktree Foundation do and it wasn't planned to do a video clip. Hugh was actually touring with the choir back in Australia at the time so that's how we hooked up with the choir and we wrote the song. The Connections Zulu Choir a 21 piece African choir."

Describe Bliss n Eso in 3 words:DJ Izm "Peace, love and unity!"

What do you think of Mariah Carey's new song 'Touch my body'-
DJ Izm "Haven't heard it. But I would love to touch her body."

'Words from the City' the ABC documentary, tell me about it:
DJ Izm "Have you watched it- What would you like to know about it- We forgot the camera's were there & they just filmed us doin what we do!"

Melbourne and Adelaide are la