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Bart B More - B More Like This

Author: Rezo
Monday, September 8, 2008

Holland isn’t all trance and hard dance – make way for Bart B More, paving the way for electro house in the land of tulips. 3D’s Rezo talked with the Dutchman ahead of his One Love set this weekend.

Being Dutch, there is a huge music scene in your neck of the woods – where do you fit in-
I think the funny thing is that you can’t really fit me in somewhere and that’s also one of my strengths; my music gets played by many different DJs from different scenes, so it’s difficult for me to say I fit in there between those kind of DJs. Tiësto and Armin play my records, but Switch and Crookers do as well. So I fit in somewhere between there.

And what is happening on the label- What else production-wise is going on for you-
I’m really proud of what the label has achieved so far. We’re doing really well and it’s mostly with tracks from Dutch talent. Because of the increased attention on the label lately I’m really happy to offer some of the very talented guys a platform to get their stuff out there. It’s not only a Dutch thing though, we’ve lately had remix duties by big names like Riva Starr, Diplo (amazing remix of Bingo Players’ Get Up – out soon), Stupid Fresh and a Sydney based trio, Destroy Disco, did a very cool single.

After doing a lot of remixes the time has come to focus more on my own productions and show everyone I can do this as well. I’ve got a couple singles lined up which I can’t wait to get out there including one with CC Penniston… very exciting!

It’s not easy to describe your style ranging from electro house to big room beats – how do you describe it-
I always just describe it as house music with a bit of an edge. It is really party music but not in a typical way – or something. Music speaks louder than words so the best thing is to just check it out.

How was your Mixmag mix received- What did you hope to achieve with it- It is typical of you-
I got a lot of great reactions on it, especially in the UK where Mixmag is very popular. Was the sound typical of me- Yes and maybe a small no. Yes, because it did contain a lot of my own material and tracks I really like. The small no is because I did the CD as part of the Go Dutch concept that highlights Dutch talent internationally. It had to be some kind of representation of what the Dutch scene has to offer as well. I had to keep this in mind so I tried to blend in as many aspects of the Dutch house music scene as possible.

What are some of your influences and motivations both musically and otherwise-
In general life my motivation and influence comes from the people who are closest to me, they help me find the right directions. On a musical level, I try to listen to as much music as possible, keep on the lookout for new cool music that might come from either established artists or people I’ve never heard of. I get a lot of my influences from outside house music because I think that adds something new to the music. I really have the urge to do something new; to be innovative; to be a little bit more…

Finally, what can we expect from your first tour of Australia-
I’m really honoured I’ve been invited to play my sound on the other side of the world. I will do a DJ set but have been thinking of going live too – who knows, maybe in the future- That would be really cool.

WHO: Bart B More
WHAT: Plays onelove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 13 September