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Act Yo Age - Tasty To The (Double) T

Author: Rezo
Monday, November 3, 2008

Sydney electroheads Act Yo Age have just released their debut EP, Hott This. 3D’s Rezo spoke with Tim Yo Age about the record.

You were DJs before producers. How did the Act Yo Age project come about-
We’ve known each other for about 10 years. We were DJs in Sydney for about that long as well, under various monikers and things. We were doing some project-based stuff and getting amazing responses from fans and other producers and labels. The feedback we got encouraged us to dive into a new project and thus Act Yo Age was born.

What do you see your role as being in the Sydney scene-
We’re about putting the cheekiness back into music. We want to give the audience a chance to get that feeling as well. Sometimes our live shows have gratuitous nudity and other fun stuff, but it’s what we love doing and crowds seem to respond to it really well. People never leave one of our shows without being completely hyped up, sweaty and begging for more!

What influences do you bring to your sets-
For us, making sure our music contains an accurate cross section of music is important. It’s all the music we love. We’ve come through hip hop and house and electro and jungle and we pick the best elements of those sounds and incorporate that into our sound. It’s a signature clatter for us so it has to include a ghetto house bouncy kind of vibe. Not that we’re particularly ghetto, but we probably incorporate those elements. Techno, rave, it’s all there…

What about another release- Have you got an artist album in the works-

We talk about it to Sweat It Out daily, but they just keep laughing at us. That said, we love them and are 100 per cent committed to them. We’ve got other stuff we’re working on at the same time as well, but the whole thing with Act Yo Age is that we wanted to keep everything at arms length. It’s all about having a clean slate, so we have never done anything with any kind of preconceived idea.

We’ve almost finished our second EP, which should be out by February sometime and there is another big single called Lucky 13, which is on its way. We’re looking for a couple of remixes on that one and that should be out in the next six weeks. We don’t want to blow minds, we just want to blow bass bins! We’re on the Crookers and Boy 8-Bit vibe. That’s why our show features more than just a DJ set. We use something like five or six turntables, an EFX unit, a synthesiser… The main element for us is bringing the fun back to a show – and a bit of euphoria!

WHO: Act Yo Age
WHAT: Hott This EP through Sweat It Out / Central Station
WHEN: Out now