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TranZfusion: The Eulogy

Author: Derrick Dennis
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
"Welcome to 'TranZfusion' - Melbourne's home of Underground Dance. Bringing you sounds from the past and present as well as wicked tracks from Melbourne's best! If you love Dance, this is the place to be!" - TranZfusion circa 1996

What started as a geeky dabble in online streaming during the early web evolved into one of Australia's most respected dance music resources.

'TF' was simply a technical and creative outlet for me, a way to play around with this new 'internet' thang … a way to experiment with web technologies and web design. The ultimate goal, though, was to scam as much freeshtuff as possible for myself and my immediate raving crew.

Must say, it worked! Over the past 12 years, I think I may have paid for a dozen parties (most of those over the last few years as well :P). TF also created many a friendship for me (probably due to the freebies, now I think about it!) Some I regard as my closest mates.

Thought I'd write this one last post to record the history of TF and to thank all of those that have helped over years.

A lot has happened within the dance music scene - it has grown from small, illegal gatherings of 80-100 social misfits - for fun, not profit - to a multi-million dollar business supporting TV, radio, labels and, of course, clubs and bars.

Dance is now everywhere.

TF accomplished a lot over the years. As a site, we've contributed positively to the scene. We've helped local artists, DJs and promoters reach a wider audience and built a strong web-based community (before it was cool!)

Our biggest contribution, however, was that we introduced Australian punters to online audio streaming...

TF: Live Broadcasts
If it wasn't for Kiss FM, TF wouldn't have started when it did… I was involved with Sprint Online - an ISP/web company - so we ponied up the cash to buy the required software and broadcasts for one of their stints on air (seventh broadcast, I think).

At the time, - then the pioneers of live broadcasting - had a tech guy that thought it'd be cool to do a runner and steal the servers and archived content. [RA] (aka Natural 1 - Andy Globek) approached me and before we knew it, we collaborated and began broadcasting from more events than ever and helped source loads of mixes and tracks for streaming!

Big thanks to Andy Globek, AP and Mark J!

TF: Streaming Tracks
A mate had loads of choons on vinyl and I thought it would be rad to stick them up online and let punters from around the world listen in, so I thought I'd start up a dance site… was born.

Big thanks to Chris Van Grass (for hours of vinyl ripping) and Jason Hodges (for the vinyl and Real server)

Before MP3s, there weren't any sites out there that allowed artists to promote themselves online, especially any that also allowed full streaming audio. We made it a mission to find Melbourne's best upcoming and veteran producers and get them heard (and most of them for the very first time online)

Some labels / artists represented:
6-60, 8 Bit, A Universal Movement, Ali Omar, Alistair Walsh, Amnesia, Andrew Fitzgerald, Artificial, Azwan Transmissions, Black Lung, Blimp, Blue Sector, Brewster B, BuzzBox, Candyline, Carl Gibbons, Cinnaman, Circle, Citric Acid, Citystate, Cybersonic Productions, Dave Boweman, Dirty House Records, DJ Bold, DJeep, E.K, EQ, Garden Of Eden, Graham Mono, Grand Kanyon, Guyver III, Hi-Shock, HMC, Honeysmack, IF-, JMP, Ju Ju Space Jazz, Krang, Leather Butch, Lilo Recordings, Lisa S, Little Nobody, Majestic 12, MUD, Mutagenic Mind, Mute Frak, Natural 1, Nordcore, Organism, Paddee, Peril X, Pfifco, Pin, PNAU, PSY Harmonics, Psychic Harmony, Pura, Q Kontrol vs Factor,, Rapture, RSK, Sayaka, Scope, Serotonin, Serum, Sloblo, Smelly Records, Sonic Animation, Sonic Voyagers, Soulenoid, Spiderboy, SPRMINT Recordings, Squelch, Steve Ro