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Todd Terry In Freaky Friday!

Author: NewZfusion
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Corny headlines aside, Todd Terry is finally making his way to Australia.

Fresh off the WMC (well, we can say 'fresh', but anyone who's been knows you're anything but 'fresh' after a week there), the legend is making his debut on local shores.

He holds just as much credibility as, well, let's be honest: he was there at the start, and he's still going - that should be enough for you to understand how important this bloke has been to dance music.

He was there producing underground tracks in the late '80s and was a Producer/Remixer for a multitude of UK top 10 pop charts, including Keep on Jumpin' (a collaboration with super-divas Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown), closely followed by Somethin' Going On and Missing ('Everything But the Girl' remix) which became one of the biggest crossover club hits of all time.

The recent triple-disc release, 'The Todd Terry Trilogy: Past, Present & Future' (INK/Distinctive Records) has inspired fans both old.

Todd Terry is an emblem for bridging the gap between raw-edge mashed up tracks and deep, down and dirty house music, which is personified in his mixes and DJ sets.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to see Todd Terry's for this first performance in Australia.

And if you're a bit tight on the funds, we have two double passes to give away - competition goes live soon!

170 Russell Street

When: Fri April 13th 2007
Price: Early Bird $30.00.
All other $35.00.