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The Chemical Brothers Embrace the Night On New Album

Author: GoldFuZion
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Announced earlier this week on The Chemical Brothers website ( was news of the upcoming release of their sixth album titled 'We Are The Night'.

With a release date of June 18th, 2007 on Freestyle Dust/Virgin Records, 'We Are The Night' follows on from the double Grammy winning 2005 LP 'Push The Button' which featured Q-Tip on the huge single Galvanize and was also the Chemical Brothers fourth consecutive No.1 album.

Billed as their finest record yet it contains "twelve tracks of psychedelic warehouse party acid music, euphorically melodic and as uncompromising as their retina scorching live shows."

Whether you choose to believe the assertion that 'We Are The Night' was recorded undercover of darkness in a South London based a bomb proof bunker, confirmed guests on the album include The Klaxons, Ali Love, hip-hip artist Fatlip, Midlake and folk singer Willy Mason.

The first single will be Do It Again featuring Ali Love with a release date to be announced soon.

The Chemical Brothers have also announced that they will be headlining the 'Other Stage' at the Glastonbury festival this year with a US tour to follow in September.

Their press release lavishes praise on the album and its place in history, citing it as the soundtrack to the (UK) summer and describing 'We Are The Night' as "a route map through modern psychedelia; a derailed rollercoaster that barrels the listener onto a journey that moves seamlessly from frenetic percussion workout that threatens to splash out of the speakers, to metronomic pulses that sound like the kind of music that gets played out at some kind of future disco populated entirely by robots… Effortlessly evoking the dancefloors of Manchester and Minneapolis in the early '80s and London of 2007…"

It is rumoured that Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons (aka The Chemical Brothers), snuck out a preview of the album on myspace under the name 'Electronic Battle Weapon' and have been road testing new tunes on stage over the last year.

You want more Chemical Brothers news- Their music is to be featured in a movie based on Irvine Welsh's best selling novel 'Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance'.

01. No Path To Follow
02. We Are The Night
03. All Rights Reversed (Featuring The Klaxons)
04. Saturate
05. Do It Again (Featuring Ali Love)
06. Das Spiegel
07. The Salmon Dance (Featuring Fatlip)
08. Burst Generator
09. A Modern Midnight Conversation
10. Battle Scars (Featuring Willy Mason)
11. Harpoons
12. The Pills Won't Help You Now (Featuring Midlake)