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Red Bull Music Academy - Live To Air

Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Red Bull Music Academy Radio is now available on demand, offering daily updates and unlimited access to its holy archives.

What was once an exclusive inner sanctum of sorts for lucky music enthusiasts from around the globe, RBMA has now opened its online doors to give the rest of us magoos an insight into what it's all about (well, we know what it's about, it's just that we don't have KILLER insight).

Along with hundreds of exclusive guest mixes including mixes from artists such as Hot Chip, Chris Clark and Psapp and special shows, it also boasts 20 regular shows, bringing you the latest tracks on CDR as well as those undiscovered vinyl treasures.

Like all the people invited to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy, hosts like the Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Morgan Geist, Maurice Fulton, Marco Passarani, Wax Poetics founder Andrew Mason, Kirk Degiorgio or Bugz In The Attic's Daz-I-Kue believe in sharing their knowledge as well as sharing a serious passion for the music: all the while challenging people to look even deeper.

Each host is given free creative reign, resulting in very unique monthly shows encapsulating the kind of vibes that our favourite radio shows were always about.

Head to their site to find out more!