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Q&A With Deadmau5

Author: Features
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
For those wondering, we are in bold, deadmau5 is in not bold.

You were first contacted in 2004 by D1 Music to do a remix of Pure. What were you thinking of- How has it promoted what you're doing today-
Well, I was thinking, "Shit! I can actually use this music thing to make money so I can move out of my mother's house- Get the fuck out!"

Actually, this was around the time when I wasn't really making much electro/techno… I was on this industrial tip for some reason or another, so it really crossed a couple of wires in my head to think that I'd be pursing a career as a remixer/engineer. It was a good primer to the whole remixing world, I think.

Which one of your remixes is a favourite to drop during one of your sets-
Jorgensen - Untitled (deadmau5 remix) - I love it to bits, so moody and thumpin. Lately I have this fetish for big elaborate buildups that end in minimal/moody stuff.

With your own labels Xfer Records and mau5trap now in your stable, how do you plan on developing these-
Well, as soon as things calm down a bit and I can get into a groove with this new lifestyle, I'd like to develop other artists and collaborate with other artists to form a solid catalogue of finely tuned tracks.

Did you have any plans on furthering your study when you were younger, or was DJing/producing something you've always wanted to do-
I never did have any plans on going to school, or any other kind of institution for furthering my education, but it was just a really unattractive thought having to sit in a room with a bunch of other people and being taught things. I've always been the self-taught type, figuring things out on my own with little or no outside help. So I opted to stay home until I was 23 and drive my mother absolutely crazy while learning it all on my own. I think I owe 99.9 [per cent] of my audio/computer education to a secluded lifestyle with lots of internet time.

Honestly, I didn't care what venue it would lead me to... just as long as I could stay behind a computer that made noises.

What do you enjoy doing the best, producing originals, or remixing-
I kind of like to make my own. It's a personal satisfaction thing I think… But in the same vein, I also like to treat remixes as if they were original works and giving it some major drastic overhaul while maintaining the theme of the original production.

Where do you see this going for you in the long run-
Should I be fortunate [enough] to last that long, expect to see a very delusional madman/dipshit with entirely too many Moogs and computers lying around the studio with a production schedule in full effect that spans across many genres. Or, expect to see me up on some tall building with a shotgun in my left hand and a bible in my right hand sporting a tinfoil hat while yelling, "See! I told you I wouldn't make it to year five!"

Which artists have played a significant part in shaping what you do today-
Trent Reznor, Richie Hawtin, Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Venitian Snares, Aphex Twin, and whoever that dood is who wrote the theme to The Price Is Right.

What are you working on at the moment-
Right now I'm working on a computer. It's the machine most of my work gets done on these days. Her name is Layla.

How do you like your steak cooked-
Cooked- Fuck that…stick a fork in its ass and walk it out, still moo'ing.

Blondes or Brunettes-
Honestly, skinny white kids like me can't afford to be picky, but for extra points - if she has a nice big round set of morals.