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Hi-Tek Soul Presents Funk D'Void

Author: NewZfusion
Wednesday, March 7, 2007
There's not much to be said. You know of Hi-Tek Soul and you know of Funk D'Void. Put them together and what have you got- While "bippity boppity boo" would be the normal response, we thought we'd say "one helluva party".

Hailing from Scotland and living in Barcelona, the legendary Funk D'Void is one of the world's most respected producers.

Lars Sanders has performed under the renowned monikers of Funk D'Void and Francois Dubois. The international dance community has held Sanders in the highest regard for over 10 years. His cutting-edge releases range from minimal techno to Detroit house, including Blood, All That Matters, Emotional Content and White Lice, just to name a few.

Remixing duties in the past have included rubs with New Order, Kraftwerk, Underworld and so on. With a unique vision, Sanders is always getting invited to interpret classics into his own

Funk D'Void's latest LP "Second Skin" promises a new arena to showcase his talents, as he is constantly seeking for new and innovative sounds - whilst never losing that visceral, emotional core to his music and performances.

If you're not here for this one, then you're rather silly.