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Good Vibrations 2007 - Perth

Author: Shona Robertson
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
With the weather set to remain in the low thirties and a near-capacity crowd of over 20,000 keen punters, the Perth leg of the Good Vibrations tour was set to be a massive closing party, with many international artists keen to finish the tour with a bang.

Crazy antics, crazy outfits and a buzz in the air…

Unfortunately, the early morning 'festival stomach' settled a little too quickly when our bus didn't make it to its first destination - us - thus leaving our somewhat interesting crowd of 40 festival goers a little flat, faced with the prospect of having to actually get to know their sister's boyfriend's postman's son and friends or whoever they were. Lucky there was plenty of beer.

A little under two hours later, we were back on track with our loudly anticipated replacement bus and our driver Pete. One pick up, a scenic traffic jam and 63 toilet stops later, we arrived at the Belvoir Amphitheatre, the host of Good Vibrations 2007.
Due to our unforeseen set backs, we missed a couple of bus favourites, local Perth acts The Sunshine Brothers and Fidel.

With a few tears shed, we arrived just in time for Nightmares On Wax, who although were not outstanding, got the crowd fired up for JS-1 and the slightly eclectic Rahzel, arguably the best roots beat box artist in the world. JS-1 had the crowd fired up with his turntable trickery after removing a shoe and beat juggling with his feet. His interpretations of Seven Nation Army, Sexyback and a couple of classic Hip Hop faves had the crowd eating out of his hands. JS-1 and Rahzel - a favourite of the day…

After catching the end of Cicada at the Good Vibrations stage and a quick look-in at Dirty South in the Chinese Laundry, I headed for the B-Live tent and Fort Knox Five & Thunderball, who gave a performance of funky beats and mashed up sounds, including a number of their own tracks. DJ Yoda followed with a set from the youth, ranging from Jackson 5 to Australia's own Whispering Jack, John Farnham. Unfortunately, I had to cut short a mix of my '80s dream set for my 'good vibes' faves, Jurassic 5.

With the amphitheatre at maximum capacity, Jurassic 5, thankfully a group that never disappoints played a killer set and had the crowd pumping from the get go. This making the Roots stage into the only place to be between 7.30 and 8.30. Still on a high, we headed over to the Chinese Laundry to catch Cassius for a touch of France. Mixing Justice vs Symion's 'We are your friends' got the tent moving for the unbelievable set that followed.

Festival headliners The Beastie Boys finished the night off for us with a slightly disappointing short set and a sound guy I think might have been asleep. But hey, it's The Beastie Boys - I loved it anyway.

With an all-too familiar carpark scene on the way out, we headed to the front gate and the ever reliable Perth bus system.