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Daft Punk Australia Tour - They're Coming!

Author: News
Thursday, August 30, 2007
It's been a long time coming, but Daft Punk is finally coming to Australia to do a live gig and, to which their press release says, "bring their now legendary pyramid spectacular to Australia for four live shows of blind-siding robot rock."

The party, if you're wondering, is called Never Ever Land, and will not only feature the killer dudes from France, but also The Presets, Muscles, SebastiAn and Kavinksy, The Bang Gang DJs and more.

If you're outside of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, then you're going to be sorely sore, or you'll just have to head to the shindig.

We suggest stealing your friends' cool shit and selling it to make the gigs. Having said that, though, once tickets sell out, everyone is going to be stealing shit from friends to purchase from the money-hungry bastards that scalp.


We've already got craploads of videos on the site from previous Daft Punk articles, so check 'em out in the related pages below.

The countdown begins now.