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Claudia Cazacu & Candy J's 24/7 Fashion Rules

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, November 23, 2007

Romanian rising star DJ Claudia Cazacu chatted to Skrufff this week about her love of dressing in micro miniskirts and even skimpier tops and admitted that she sometimes feels cold, including when DJing.

"One of the worst times was at my debut gig in Amsterdam last April, it's freezing cold there at that time of the year and I was playing outside for 90 minutes, wearing jeans but a very small top which left my belly uncovered," she recalled.

"My hands didn't stop shaking, partly because I was nervous initially but also because of the cold, I was frozen and shaking and at one point I thought I was going to faint," she laughed. "I continued to shake until the end of the set but I really started to enjoy it when I saw people were dancing and was a lot more relaxed for the last half hour," said Claudia.

"But that's how I dress always. This is me- this is how I've dressed all my life," the trance diva and former runway model insisted.

"I'm not going up there wearing short skirts to make people look at me- this is how I dress. If people would see me in the daytime, this is me. I'm the same person every day. Fashion is really important to me, hence my label being called 'Couture'," she added.

However, Claudia confessed to wearing 'tracksuit and trainers' when popping out for a pint of milk at home, in marked contrast to US clubland diva Candy J who told Skrufff this week she considers herself permanently on show.

"I always try to look amazing whenever and wherever I go out, because when you do a song and put yourself in the entertainment field every time you go out you're under scrutiny over what you're wearing," said Candy, "I try to wear unusual designers clothes- I LOVE chanel."

Candy remains best known for her alter ego persona of Sweet Pussy Pauline and her bitch house classic Hateful Helen Head, which was first championed by Junior Vasquez in 1989. The hilariously raunchy song tells the tale of Pauline's enthusiastic and eventually successful search for 'the almighty club' which Candy said had elements of truth.

"Do I think size matters- Yes," she added, "And anybody who says it doesn't is lying- of course it matters. It don't have to be an almighty club but a nice size is always a welcome treat," she purred.

Claudia Cazacu's new single Cowgirl (a cover of Underworld's classic) is out now on Couture Records: she also performs at the Hard Trance Awards on December 22 at British club Passion.

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