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A Minute With Jimmy Van M

Author: Features
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
With such an amazing response to the questions we put forward to the legendary Jimmy Van M, we thought we'd leave the transcribing for another day and give you this raw, unedited and *cough* uncensored version of things he's up to.

After 15 years of being influential in the industry you have been a huge influence in American Dance culture. Can you describe the changes the scene has been through and where you feel that it's going-
Its tough to say, seems like different markets peak at different times, I do believe the scene is steady now.

Balance 10.1 is out October 15. What were some things that you looked out for in tracks-
Balance 10 was three discs, Balance 10.1 is one disc. '10.1' is more like a club set, builder into driving grooves…

You set up Balance (now TCA) booking agency, making way for changes in the US dance scene. What made you decide to get involved in event management-
Fell into it really, wasn't planned out.

What are the some of the things that you look out for in acts-
That's hard to say, originality is very important.

Any upcoming artists you can recommend to us-

You've performed around the world to crowds exceeding 55,000 in Creamfields Russia and Buenos Aires. Can you describe to us what that's like for you as a DJ-
The stage that I played on was from 5k - 8k people which was fantastic, both festivals were a great experience, great buzz to see so many people in once place listening to electronic music.

What are some of your personal highlights on tour-
Just played nocturnal in LA, 20,000 people, Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox and more… downtown LA def a cool vibe

You're known for charismatic early morning sessions to driving peak hour main-room banging sets. Is it hard to be this diverse and versatile in styles-
Not really, comes pretty natural for me, not something I work on…

Do you lean towards a particular genre of music than the other-
Not really.

You're coming out to Australia for the balance 10.1 launch. What can we expect to hear from your live sets-
Similar to whats on the album, looking forward to it!

We feel complete as well, readers.