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Tickled Pink Interview - Pink Ladies

Author: Charlee
Friday, March 24, 2006
Emerging from Melbourne's ever growing list of talented DJ's are Danni B, Sass and Miss Chris. With killer looks and killer tunes these girls are in demand all over Melbourne dance floors with guest appearances and residencies that collectively include Loco Por La Musica, Pressure, Private Function, Hot Wax Salon, the recently launched "Unknown" and Melbourne's Kiss FM radio station just to name a few.

Having some female faith and utilizing a niche in the market, Danni B has brought the three girls together to form "Tickled Pink". A fun and funk filled night where the ladies take charge of the decks, inviting a male guest or "Flavour of the Month" to share in the festivities. To date the girls have played alongside Melbourne's Keltec and Max Koenig, with their last installment featuring San Francisco's Chris Lum.

Being female, and a Wanna-Be DJ I was curious to know just what it takes to be "pink", the ups and downs of working in a currently male dominated industry, how they got there and just who should apply for a future spot as "Flavour of the Month". The girls took some time out to tell me what it's all about.

Danni B

You are responsible for putting Tickled Pink together. How did you go about choosing the residents for the night-
Well it was an easy choice really. I wanted to have an all female resident base & I already knew Sass & Miss Chris & admired their DJing skills, so it all fell into place. I think between the three of us, we have a great mix of style & I figured if they rock my world they are going to rock everyone else's.

You owned many records before making the decision to give mixing a go. Was there a particular event or experience that brought you to this decision-
The first record I ever bought was Sasha's Expander EP. I know it sounds lame & cliched' but that really changed the way I felt about dance music. After about a year of collecting, I thought well maybe I should give this a go.

If you were placing an ad in the classifieds to recruit your next "Flavour of the Month" how would the advertisement read-
"Seeking a fun male DJ, who plays funky tunes & doesn't mind being 'Tickled' by three ladies."

Which female do you believe to be the most influential in dance music-
Well it's hard to say as everyone is influenced in a different way depending on your taste, but for me Miss Kittin has been the most influential. She is just so talented & has been around forever but always keeps things interesting & fresh. Her production is just amazing. She is really someone to aspire to. Sister Bliss was the first female DJ I ever saw play & I thought "Wow I want to do that"


You have recently started working with Ableton Live. How do you find it in comparison to mixing with vinyl or CD's- Can you see yourself utilizing this program more in the future-
Ableton Live is really good for mixing demo's because you have perfect control over what you're doing with the music. As far as using it to mix a live set in front of a crowd goes, I'm way behind! I'm really only starting to get the hang of it and spent a few weekends just getting a one hour mix together, so I don't see myself using it live anytime soon.

I also really love the feel of the CDJs and vinyl. I love spinning the wheels and pressing all the buttons and the physical skill that's involved in DJing with that type of equipment. I don't really see myself getting pumped up over a tune and just as the big beat comes in clicking a little button on a mouse! It just wouldn't feel right. As far as Ableton goes I'll definitely be utilizing the program a lot more in the future, but only for demos, not for events.

Your Knowledge of music spans many genres. What style do you enjoy playing the most-
That's a tough question because of the reasons you just mentioned.I love so many different types of music, whether it be banging elect