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The Glimmers

Author: Andrez Bergen
Monday, March 6, 2006
Belgian duo Mo Becha and David Fouquaert are better known these days under their erstwhile DJ, production and remixing alias: The Glimmers.

Last year the duo cobbled together a surprisingly cool DJ-Kicks compilation that mixed up Peaches, Two Lone Swordsmen, Kerri Chandler and - shock, horror! - '70s soft-rockers Chicago, and now they're considered one of the hottest properties on the international DJ circuit, having hit Japan and Australia as recently as January 2006.

What can people expect from your DJ sets - what kind of musical style(s), the vibe, the labels you think are 'hot', and the intent...-
It's difficult to tell in advance, as we always look how the crowd respond, and by seeing the response it gives us an idea on what will follow next. In fact we don't have something as a prepared set. Working like this keeps it fresh for us and also for the people who will hear us again and again and again.

As for the labels, a lot of old ones and new ones. We think that Playhouse is an amazing label, as well as Atlantic Recordings, and a lot of bootlegs are great, re-edits and unreleased versions.

How much is your DJ-Kicks compilation last year a reflection of your current directions-
It's just one of our styles; in other words, we created a DJ set with a lot of disco-influenced stuff, to have a nice CD, but in our [DJ] sets you'll hear maybe two or three tracks from that selection. To have an idea of how we play, it's good to have a listen to our different Eskimo compilations we did over the last five years...

On that DJ-Kicks mix you lobbed together Peaches, Two Lone Swordsmen, and... Chicago. Are you fans of all these acts-
Of course we are - every single track we selected are tracks we love 100%, and if you make a compilation every track should be a bomb in it's own way; there's no point putting stuff on there that you don't support. It should be the best of the best, according to your taste.

What records do you like to play at home-
At home we have no records; mainly we listen to Internet stuff - you can find such good stuff out there! Check, or the website from PS1 in New York, or Sarcastic Clothing... all these great DJ sets just a click away!

What's happening with The Glimmers right now in '06-
We've been touring all over the world, and it looks like it isn't really stopping. But we are working on a lot of different stuff right now - a remix for Roxy Music is in the making, as well as a remix for the UK's Frank Pop Ensemble. Also we have been making a lot of different tracks with different producers like Freeform Five, Ray Mang, and [Norway's] Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, to name but a few, all for a totally new project to be released around September 2006.

What exactly is Glimmers music, and how do you feel you are unique-
Our music is just party music, as we play it out. We're different compared to a lot of DJs, because we mix differently, and blend a lot of styles into one set - for example Mylo mixed with Irene Cara, followed by Nitzer Ebb, followed by Franz Ferdinand, and more. Our plus is that we can do it, and get away with it, in very different clubs or venues.

Why'd you change your name from The Glimmer Twins-
As we started producing our own music it would have been suicide releasing it under the 'Glimmer Twins' moniker - as you might know that the real Glimmer Twins are in fact Mick Jagger and Keith Richards from the legendary Rolling Stones... So we just dropped the 'twins'. Now we have our own name, not a name from somebody else. We didn't know that it would go so fast for us like it is now, and a lot of people were already calling us 'The Glimmers'...

What are your plans for the rest of this year-
Working like we did for the last 20 years, and getting a bit more serious regarding producing our own music. Just check to see what's happening and where we are