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Tetrameth - Techically Progressive

Author: Charlee
Friday, February 10, 2006
Graduating from the Conservatorium of Music on the North Coast of NSW with studies in Jazz/fusion, Peter Hayes played the guitar in several bands and in 1997/98 formed a group with fellow musicians called "Seven". Discovering trance music through acts such as Cosmosis, Early Atmos and Space Tribe his attention shifted. These days, Hayes is known as DJ and world class psy trance producer 'Tetrameth'.

Based in Melbourne, Tetrameth's success has given him the opportunity to perform right across Australia and overseas to Golden Bay in New Zealand and even Buddapest, Hungary. His music has a rumbling progressive undercurrent, with a strong layer of technical musicality. He likes to call it "Technical Progressive". Stimulating his listeners to have a good "stomp", Tetrameth also enjoys entertaining the most educated and open minded of musicians.

The talent within the family doesn't stop there, Tertrameth shares his love of psy with brother James (Shadow FX) swearing that he is a couple of years ahead of him with his production skills. Using programs such as Q-Base 2 and Access Virus KC the two wrote and produced "Escape Sequence" which was released in March 2005 on "Contact Lens" compiled by New Zealand label Cosmic Conspiracy Records. His first release "The Quickening" is available on Zenon Records and the debut album "Psycological Pyrotechincs" is due for release shortly.