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Scott Bond here in '007.

Author: Anthony Favero @ Tranzfusion
Monday, December 4, 2006
Summadayze is nearly here again, boasting an impressive line up of local and international DJs. I was fortunate enough to interview none other than Scott Bond, originally part of the Gatecrasher phenomenon and now striking out into new territory by himself. Many here in Australia first heard his sound when the Gatecrasher extravaganza graced our shores in 1998; what seems so many years ago.

Bond, a self confessed lover of raves in his younger days, says this is where it all started. A modest obsession with collecting and playing records evolved as time passed, and the creation 'Gatecrasher' was born. Whilst Scott has not been a part of Gatecrasher for over two years now he expresses it was "ten great years of my life, where we took it all around the world and back again!", a period that he enjoyed immensely. He never thought he would be part of an event that would have such an impact and be as successful with music lovers throughout the world. It was always something that he hoped to achieve and now that he has, there are new challenges await. What is clear is his passion for the music remains the same as it did when he first started, "I love the music and never started playing for money".

In recent months, Scott has been collaborating with two artists, a Finish DJ known as Orkidea and a German DJ known as Alex M.O.R.P.H. . The Orkidea track will be the first off the rank and is destined to be released early 2007,with his collaboration with Alex M.O.R.P.H later in the year. Of course it begged the question 'will we get to hear a sneak preview of any of the new tracks at Summadayze' to which he responded "oh hopefully, I can't say 100% but hopefully, I'm really looking forward to the Melbourne show!". Surely with a sold out crowd, it will be quite easy to convince him to let it out of the bag!

I asked him what he thought about big events that attract such large crowds such as those of Summadayze and others that he has played at around the world and as he spoke he became more and more excited. Bond exclaimed "I've worked with Mark James on numerous occasions, [his events are] always a high quality standard, production is great and I heard the gig is sold out which is massive!" To my astonishment he was amazed by the fact that Summadayze sold out so quickly. He explained that this is rare in other parts of the world, and in particular the UK.

Another project that Bond has been involved with over the last year is 'Wild Child'. You may ask how one gets involved in such a new music venture and according to Bond it just sort of 'happens'. "I was on a plane to Jakarta for a tour with the two others working for Wild Child, started chatting, chatting away, we all had the same common ground and the next thing you know I am an equal partner" … and there you have it, a new breed of event! Their first venture in the UK, with Scott on board, was tremendously successful in this October just passed, with a promotional compilation CD on it's way.

With all the new music formats available to use in this day and age I couldn't resist the temptation but ask Bond which music format he prefers to use when DJing. With a low tone of voice and an admission of sacrilege to those die hard vinyl lovers: he prefers to use CDs. Asking what he saw as the greatest change within the industry over the last decade or so and the response was loud and clear, "switching from vinyl to CDs!" He continued, "most DJs use CDs, record labels used to sell lots of vinyl, pressing plants used to press lots of vinyl, shops used to sell lots of vinyl and now most of its all gone!". He said with a chuckle "my arms are now just returning to their original length!" Now for all those vinyl lovers he did make a o