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Saeed Younan Interview

Author: Phil Watkins
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Saeed Younan is one of the most freshest up-and-coming producers. With great releases on Addictive, amongst other labels, and a new compilation ready to hit the stores, Saeed has done an exclusive mix for us at and I was also lucky enough to get some time with him to answer a few questions about what 2006 has in store for him and us!

You are a native to Washington DC from a Middle-Eastern descent and I believe that you grew up listening to music from the region. Your production style definitely carries the same tribal and percussive elements. How do you feel you have been influenced by the music from your younger days- Were there any other styles of music that influenced you in particular-
Tribal and percussive music is in my blood. I learned at a young age that drums and percussive instruments were the foundation of all Arabic music. I've always been fascinated by it. It's so versatile, you can incorporate the elements of percussion in all forms of music. It's great.

I have picked up a few of your records over years but mainly under the alias of Saeed and Pallash, what do you think working with other people brings to your production-
Collaborations can be good. Working with other people and sharing ideas can make things fun and interesting. I'm thinking of doing a few collaborations with other producers in 2006. I've got few tricks up my sleeves.

Your DJ sets are famous around the world for being dynamic and really building a momentum utilising the best from house, techno and also the tribal sound your more known for, personally I think this is the only way to go, do you have a favourite crowd or place to play to-
Each place I play is special in its on way. South America has been very good for me in the past year or so. They've got great energy, and they can dance all night/morning long. I also like the scene in Montreal, Canada. They've got great after hours clubs that don't open till three in the morning.

Along with your artist profile, you have also got a new compilation coming up called 'Saeed Younan Remixed'. What can we expect from this CD- How do you compare making a CD in comparison to getting the hands up in the clubs-
I wanted the people to hear and understand what I'm all about. Combining my production and DJing ability in one album was really the only way I can reach out to 1000s and show them what I'm about. This album weaves through my recent remixes and production from house to progressive and tribal tunes. It was a bit tricky to mix and edit some tracks for the CD, because I really wanted it to flow perfectly. I believe I achieved that. I'm very proud of this album because it's the complete "me".

As it is the New Year it is only custom to ask about any resolutions that have been made- More importantly what are you hoping to achieve this year-
Funny you ask, cause this is the first year I decided that I don't have any resolutions. 2005 was a super year for me, couldn't ask for anything better. And I'm really looking forward to the New Year, with new production, remixes, and tours. I am also working with a new people on my Digital Label Younan Music (YM), which is doing very well on iTunes, Beatport, and other downloads around the world. I'm very thankful for what I've got.

Will there be an opportunity for us to hear you play on our shores in the near future-
Absolutely, I'm hoping to, would love to come out to Australia and rock it out. It will be my first time, ya know. So, If I'm gonna do it, I wanna do it proper.

Saeed Younan's mix is yours to listen to exclusively on and don't forget to check his new compilation 'Saeed Younan: Remixed' coming out soon.