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Raja Ram & Lucas interview: TIP World

Author: Royal Dark
Thursday, October 12, 2006
TIP world is a label synonymous in the global dance community with the words: weird, wacky and wonderful. Whilst dominating the international Psytrance scene, the label has never lost its way - music remains its priority, constantly making music more unique and inspiring is integral to the label's success.

Initially, the psychedelic concept was conjured up by Raja Ram, Graham Wood and Ian St. Paul in 1994. The original TIP label soon became a Goa Trance heavy weight. Its releases were internationally renowned. After TIP finished in 1998, Raja Ram then founded the infamous TIP World. We caught up with Raja and Lucas (Raja's right hand man) to talk about the international Psy scene and the future of the world's most unique label.

Where did the concept behind TIP records spur from-
Raja: The concept of TIP records started in 1993. I was in a field at a party in the UK and it was raining! I had a flash at dawn. I was standing there in the rain, and I thought that starting a record company would be a good move. I just wanted to release my friends and myself on disc, and get the music out there to the public.

Psytrance was all very underground then, with only a few labels, hardly any. Because of this we started it up! We got an old warehouse to work from and we designed and printed our own t-shirts by hand. We then released the YELLOW album in 94' with all our friends on the album, most of which I still see today at parties or here and there...

TIP World releases seem to be multiplying by the day. What can fans expect for the near future-
Raja: Now we have had nearly one hundred CD releases and are still going strong. We aim for about one release per month (also DVDs), and are still making parties around the globe.

The party scene in London used to be very active. We would have two or three a week, all underground... or outside in some enchanted forest. Alas, now it has all changed. The blue meanies are on the trail and have stopped our fun. We are still doing them on and off. This month we have a party outdoors in a secret location. I'm sure a lot of the old oldies will come out to play, and a lot of new friends also. So, the party scene is still very much alive in Europe and the UK, but different... The ideals have remained the same.

What has the fruition of the 1200 Micrograms and Shpongle projects been like-
Raja: Shpongle came along in the mid 1990's. At the turn of the millennium we conceived 1200 Micrograms. We just wanted to release music that touches people's hearts and lives. This is music to get high with, listen to with your friends and enjoy, to merge and lyserge, to become invisible through sound.

Lucas, how has the transition been from being a funk / electro DJ, to being at the forefront of the Psy-genre and working TIP World-
Lucas: Well, first of all I am still a funk and electro DJ who also plays Psytrance! On the last Earthcore tour I was playing both psytrance and breaks/electro.

Yeah. It was a fantastic set!
Lucas: Thanks! The transition to including Psytrance to my repertoire has been an exciting and challenging one. I first started DJing at sixteen playing and scratching hip-hop, funk, and electro records. After the acid house scene hit London I swayed into house, techno and newbeat.

By the early 90s I became fascinated with electronica, breakbeats and trance-like techno (the type being played at the early Goa parties). This led to a guest slot at one of the legendary TIP parties. That is how I became involved with TIP. Working with TIP World is a privilege and enormous fun. I get to travel around the world and play at great parties - good work if you can get it!

Lucas, your latest album "God Save The Machine" was one of the finest Psy L.P's that we have ever come across. What are you currently working on-
Lucas: Right now I'm mixing the fourth installment<