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Rainbow Serpent Festival Fever Explodes in January - There Is No Cure!

Author: Tim Harvey
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Just when you thought it was safe to return to work or studies the Rainbow Serpent Festival is back, Australia Day weekend in January with an extra special 10th year celebration extravaganza.

Over four days the Rainbow Serpent Festival becomes a strange yet wonderful combination of soul and technology. From January 26 - 29 thousands of people will again travel to Beaufort in Western Victoria to celebrate their right to dance under the stars and the sun.

Since the first gathering in 1998, Rainbow has become a popular annual get-together for thousands of like minded people. In essence the Rainbow Serpent Festival is a kick butt, fun-swirling adventure that combines, music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation, healing and everything else unimaginable and indescribable. All packaged in an environmentally sound weekend of shenanigans for your consumption.

At Rainbow the cream of electronic music floats to the surface. In 2007 the festival continues this trend, hosting its biggest line up ever of international and Australian artists exploring the full spectrum of electronic music.

Some of the elite artists featured this year include: Ticon (Sweden) playing live, Joti Sidhu (UK), D-Nox (Germany), Pixel (Israel), Atmos (Sweden), Alex Smoke (UK) , Loopus In Fabula (Italy), Adham Shaikh (Canada), Kotaro (Japan) , Edoardo (Italy), Antix / Fiord (New Zealand), Allaby (UK) & Ryo (Japan) and Super Cozi (Japan).

Kasey Taylor, Ganga Giri, Sensient, Sun Control Species, Mantrix and Decoy are just the beginning of the substantial Australian contingent of talented artists providing a fresh & wholesome, low fat approach to aural fulfillment.

With amazing music, decor, roving artistic performances and workshops on a massive range of topics your biggest difficulty over the weekend will be deciding what to do next.

Exquisitely unique and alluringly sexy, the Rainbow Serpent Festival shows it's friendly nature in every moment, providing welcome stimulation for all of your senses. Camping comfortably amongst good friends, it's the summer enjoyment you rightly deserve. It smells like fun because it is!

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