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NYD 007 - The Men with the Golden Buns

Author: Newzfusion
Thursday, December 21, 2006
Renoun for the style and (er-hem) sophistication of their parties, Semi-Retired sluggards and the Ghetto's fabulous vixens have put together a party for which you'll be glad you've never said never again... Semi & Ghetto Fab NYD '007

For all those that thought it was safe to step out into a brave new world, armed with all the strength and conviction of that old resolution that never quite got off the ground last year- 2007 throws in an early challenge that rises straight up from the Ghetto...Semi-Ghetto that is…and it's '007! Those Men With The Golden Buns from Semi-Retired and Ghetto Fabulous have joined forces to present New Years Day '007 @ CARNI.

With covert guests in casino spy dress ensuring Dr Beat reins over Dr No for supremacy on the day! NO wardrobe is safe, with costumes a must for any self respecting Bond girl or super savvy emissary.

Get in quick for super cheap tix from and or $15 on the door.
New Years Day 2007, 12pm-1am @ CARNI, 60 High St. Preston