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Meat Katie interview

Author: Andrew Sargeant
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Many producers seem to spend a large proportion of their time, energy and sanity searching for that secret ingredient for their aural recipe. The recipe that will define them, their sound and separate them from the pack UK breaks head chef, Meat Katie, has manage to do exactly that, but not by looking for that special something that is quantifiably unique. But rather by soaking up what surrounds him and by simply producing the sounds that he enjoys and thinks others will enjoy hearing too.

As the interview will reveal, it's obvious that this attitude of acceptance, community, willingness to go with change and desire to express what is within, is not just a music thing but a part of life he embraces. On the back of his third full length release 'Vibrator', Mark Pembler (aka Meat Katie) is about to set off on a massive schedule of gig's. Andrew Sargeant caught up with him to discuss the album, Australian tour and the defining changes Pembler plans on making to his label, Lot49.

TranZfusion: Good morning mate! I hope I haven't dragged you out of bed too early. How are you doing anyway-
Mark Pember: Good man…well not bad for having been up since seven. I've completed five interviews, this is six and one more to go. I'm just pleased people are interested in writing about what I'm doing.

TranZfusion: That's a good place to start. How do you approach this cycle of producing an album, then promoting it via countless interviews and of course touring. Do you see it as a necessary evil or something you enjoy and look forward to-
M.P.: I really enjoy it. I never really left England until I was 26 or 27. Now I get to travel every weekend, see some amazing things and it all came about through music. I used to be a gardener, so if you want me to compare the comfort of the two for you it's worlds apart. .

I'm one of these people that is excited and I don't expect anything to be just given to me or complain about work or travelling. I spend too much time with some people, who are just act like freakin arseholes they have no respect. It's just like "don't you see what you are doing and what you have-" Maybe they were spoilt as kids. I'm serious man! I'm really grateful and not an expectant person, I still get surprised when a promoters or whoever offer to pay for dinner or whatever before a gig. So I'm still genuinely really grateful. And I certainly don't think I'm above doing this sort of thing, and in fact I dig it. The LP was actually recorded then released really quickly, and then there's this video for a track they are playing on MTV Europe. It's been so hectic but I'm up for it!

TranZfusion: You have got something like 27 dates in the next stretch, everywhere from Russia to New Zealand. It's the full on jet set rock star lifestyle for the next few months.
M.P.: I love it! Actually it could be more now. Yeah, I look at someone like James Zabiela, he's lovely. Someone who is clearly so talented, and isn't the slightest bit bigheaded or tired and grumpy. I find it refreshing that someone can just do what they love and not get jaded by the industry and the work. People think it's always going to go to people's heads or jade them and he kinda shows it doesn't have to. I don't think there is much chance of James getting to far ahead of himself

TranZfusion: James posted on a forum or two when he was out here, just to let us know he was excited to be coming over and what we might hear. He seems to remain grounded and cope with everything really well.
M.P.: I don't think there is much chance of James getting to far ahead of himself.
I did the same thing last time I was out in Oz and posted on a forum or two, just to let people know what I might do, and people were really surprised. It's something that dj's do a fair bit in the UK, just a bit of interaction. It's involving yourself in a community.

TranZfusion: On the subject of community, you have found yourself as part of a range of musi