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Mark Dynamix interview: Track ID

Author: Andrew James
Friday, March 3, 2006
He may come from Sydney, but Mark Dynamix has won over Melbourne audiences with his ever-changing style.

Melbourne audiences would have to be one of the hardest to please anywhere in Australia. Their talent for snobbery knows no bounds, but god help you if you're coming from Sydney - the Melbourne massive's hatred for Sin City is legendary. So it comes as solid proof of Mark Dynamix's skills that he's something of a favourite in these parts. With plenty of memorable performances around town, he's managed to build up a fairly impressive reputation. Then throw in the fact that he hails from Sydney and you're in pretty rarefied air. Mark is one of the hardest working DJs in Australia, with a string of national tours to his name. As well as this, he often partners John Course for a number of Ministry Of Sound mix CDs, usually under the Sessions or Annual nom de plumes. In town for a few select gigs this weekend, we caught up with the affable DJ.

It's only the start of the year, but you've been fairly busy already - what have you been up to-
"Yeah January has been rocking - I kicked off a new residency at Sydney's Chinese Laundry. It was good to be back home again after touring so solidly last year. I had a fantastic time travelling around the country with John Course, but you know it's a different feeling when you're playing in your home town and it had been a fair while since I was able to take up a weekly spot somewhere. It's been great, the club is probably the most leftfield club in Sydney, concentrating on electro/tech sounds; but more on the cutting edge side, rather than the big vocal electro-house tunes. Aside from that, have played some guest spots at Hayman Island, Canberra, Brisbane and down here in Melbourne. I'm leaving for Canada at the end of this week for a month long tour - looking forward to the snow, apparently the best season in 25 years!"

That track you've done with Jaytech, IDentify Me, is already climbing the ARIA Club Chart - looks like the production work you've put in is starting to pay off! What's your plans in terms of production for this year-
"Yeah it's a new thing for me to walk into a club and hear my track playing! quite bizarre actually, but great that so many DJs are getting behind it. We got Daniel Taylor to do a remix of IDentify Me which is getting all the house DJs' attentions, whilst the electro DJs are into the Original. We've been busy writing some follow up singles and also a few remixes for a Swedish act called Stisch which will be coming out here in a few months. As for CD mixes, my next compilation will be out in July, a double CD of some wicked underground club records... this one will be very much like my experimental sets!"

You're down in Melbourne to do a few shows, - what's your experience with Melbourne crowds- Do you tend to play in a different manner when compared to Sydney crowds-
"Only a couple of years ago, the difference between the two cities musically was much greater than it is now. Sure there are songs that work better here in Melbourne and vice versa, but it's basically the same sound in the main clubs. Sydney and Melbourne are pretty much on the same musical roundabout. My experience in Melbourne- Well last week I played at the Good Vibes festival down here in Melbourne and the crowd was totally into the sound, and I played a little more left of centre than usual, so it was good to see the crowd so amped. I think the remaining few steadfast Melburnians are finally dropping the attitude of "oh he's from Sydney, he'll be shit" and just getting into the music!"

Can you think of several 12"s that you always bring with you to a gig-
Thomas Schumacher - Inside, Mowbray & Ramirez - The Day Hip Hop Died and Mimi - H-Man."

What are your thoughts on technology- Are you a fan- What do you usually use in a set- What would you like to upgrade to in a set-
"I'm a sucker for the lates