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Jay Cunning: Women's underwear, Breakdancing and Beatz & Bobz

Author: Beat Broker
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
There's some arse-kicking little numbers on 'Beatz & Bobz vol.5', many of which come from your own production womb. Which ones are your highlights-

It would be impossible to narrow down one as they were all selected for their own reasons. BadMan was definetly one of them, its one of those tracks you can drop from the start and it really pulls in the crowd!

You've been around since the acid house days and obviously still appreciate the good 'ol 303, as evidenced by your Beatz & Bobz mix. You must be enjoying the sound's revival of late-

For me it's always been there, it's just been a little harder find at certain times! I managed to work in a few even though Terry is not a big far of acid lines at all! What I wanted from the mix was to show some diversity not only within the breaks scene but as what I play out, I've been in love with dance music for many years and will always draw from all its influences weather it be house, garage, dnb, techno.. you name it you'll hear it in my sets!

Tell us about your relationship with the Atomic Hooligan boys (Terry & Matt). I can imagine a lot of drunken revelry taking place when you guys are together!

Every time we go away it's a storey and a half and trying to narrow it down to one or a fav would be like asking house builder what his favourite brick is! But I'll give it a go anyway….

- Taking part in adhoc fashion shows sporting wearing women's underwear
- Ensuring all women that Ellis D speak to knows he's a certified sex pest on day release
- Giving SOTO the birthday bumps and nearly breaking her back
- Holding "RUBBISH" signs up behind Tayo as he DJs to 2000 people
- Starting break dancing competitions in the middle of clubs

The best thing to do it to make sure you get out to one of the nights we are playing at and you see the Menu wrath first hand!

How's Menu Music going- Spill!

Music wise we're laughing! We have some amazing music from the likes of Dopamine & Dr Benwahh, Jay Stewart, SOTO and of course more from Rico Tubbs and the Hooligans… There may even be a little more from me as well!

At the moment it's proper hectic with trying to get all core infrastructure in place, we've taken a few people on to help us out with various aspects and it's all shaping up just nicely. Unfortunately I'm anally retarded when it come's to organisation and my standards way off anyone else's on this planet which makes me a pain in the arse to deal with sometimes!

How is the Beatz & Bobz club night going- Do you get to play there much-

The nite based in Exeter has been running longer than time itself! Bif is an amazing promoter who's right in the scene for the progression and not the money! Bif is also involved heavily in Glastonbury and of course his Glade festival which has been doing a Breaksday tent which I've played both of as well as his nite. We're just in the middle of sorting out dates for this year but you can be sure you'll see the Menu boys in full action at one of them!

You're A&R of Andy C's breakbeat imprint Raw 24. Does your connection with him inspire much of an appreciation for drum 'n' bass-

I've always had a love of the drums and the bass! I was in to it from the inception back in… well what ever year you want to claim is started from A Guy Called Gerald's Voodoo Ray or somewhere in 1993. I stopped going to DnB nites around 96 and it was a freak meeting with Andy C at fabric in 2001 that threw me straight back in there - listening to that fella DJ is enough for anyone to appreciate the scene, how someone should DJ and how to get the crowd rocking! Raw24 has been put on hold for the time being as Andy & Scott (RedOne) are working religiously on Ram & their Mix compilation series, it's all defiantly still in the pipe line as both of them are really into the breakbeat sounds. It's been a real experience playing for them at the Ram nite and having them and some of the DnB scenes bigges