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Heath Myer's Interview: Just This Guy

Author: Buff Rip Torn
Friday, December 22, 2006
So who is this Heath Myers guy-
Well one of my favourite lines is "I'm just this guy". A few reasons, 1) It gets me out of trouble on a regular basis, which is important; 2) It's the truth! No matter what I do I'm still me and that's what I like to purvey through all my projects and representation. If I lose sight of who I am then I lose my ability to be sincere and meaningful about what I do; 3) It's kinda funny, it's important to create mystique through humour.

In a wrap I'm a DJ/promoter with 12 years of experience in all facets of the music industry. I'm a tertiary music business teacher and have a beloved partner of 6&1/2 years. I wear my heart on my sleeve wishing to see greater things for all I'm involved with, including students, the punters, the underground and the broader community.

What attracted you to DJing-
The performance/expression aspect really and the ability to program music for a collective of like minded folk who just want to have fun. When I was a kid I was a break dancer, a rude boy, an indy rock enthusiast, a rockabilly, a techno head and any subsequent heathen hybrid you can find in the middle. Amongst it all I always enjoyed playing people music and seeing the joy on their faces at receiving the unexpected and moving to sounds they may had disregarded previously.

I always wanted to be a performer, a teacher and a therapist of sorts. All of which I've accomplished either advertently or inadvertently through my pursuit of music and the surrounding lifestyle, culture and spirituality. Music communicates, educates and provides an opportunity to shake of the density of modern day life and I'm more than happy to facilitate that. DJing provides me with the opportunity to unify this trinity of interests whilst serving others and it continually educates and heals my self in the process. It's a great energetic exchange that gives me a feeling of connectedness and who can argue with that.

How would you describe the music you play-
Eclectic. I DJ according to a theme rather than a genre and the best sets I do are when the crowd's openness enables me to take them in a diversity of directions whilst maintaining a continuity in the energy of the situation.

For those that require genres in order to accept the theorem I guess you could call it a blend of tek, bent house, electro (new and old), progressive (in the true sense of the word), dirty beats, irregular breaks and the unexplainable all with a dance floor inference so the energy doesn't dissipate.

When I first started going to parties it was all techno...everything, no matter what the style, so at the heart of it I'm a techno DJ but given the current evolution of explanations vastly becoming genres; that might confuse people a bit...I say it in an attempt to simplify things because really it's all techno and it's allll goooooood!

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now-
Kicking it next to beach with a family and a wealthy lifestyle. However I must explain…to me wealth is knowledge, confidence, a sense of self and security in the true sense of the word, not the modern day materialist version of being secure. Sure, money is part of it, but the sum the parts is greater than the whole. At one, enlightened, balanced and of service.

What ever I have now is likely to be concentrated into a simplified version so I can step further into what it is I came here to do. I'll still be entertaining, healing and teaching and yes I will always have a place for performance and a spot in my house dedicated to turntables and vinyl interaction, like a pool table, but you can't put a coin down if you want a go. I'd also like to have time to write both books and music…God knows what about but I reckon I've got a few books and rel