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Drew K interview: Neon Nights

Author: Charlee
Monday, February 6, 2006
Although relatively new to the Melbourne DJ scene, Drew K is in very good company. With a growing list of credentials that include a radio show and residencies alongside Melbourne's best, he is certainly a rising talent to keep an eye out for. I caught up with Drew K to have a chat about his past, present, and very bright future.

What is your first memory of music-
That would have to be the Sesame Street theme song, and what a tune it was. I believe its still getting remixed to this day, it's either that or Play School, but the bear in there loses out I'm afraid, Sesame Street has longevity behind it.

You have been playing around the Melbourne scene for a little while now. How did you get started-
My introduction to electronic music was through a friend who was into the whole BT, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha and Digweed sound and, eventually, he got me to a party at the docklands in 1999. The rest as they say is history. Before this period, I didn't really enjoy dance music at all - how that has all changed.

I pretty much live and breathe it now. My Dad even thinks I need to seek help. I'm still trying to get Mum to a gig though - she would no doubt give some people out there a run for their money.

Describe the style of music you play and why you chose to move in this direction.
It's pretty broad - it can range from tech to minimal, progressive, deep and even dirty house on its day. My taste seems to be evolving all the time, which I think is good as it keeps you inspired and keen to look for fresh music. However it can occasionally get very annoying - when you have a whole heap of tracks sitting there ready to mix and you want to create something for a promoter, it's hard to find direction and what's going to work best to showcase your style. This is something I think the truly great DJs of the world do so well and it's something I'm still trying to nail perfectly.

Who are your biggest influences in both the local and international scene-
By far the biggest influence on me now internationally is a DJ/Producer/Edit Specialist by the name of Can Costa (aka Ricky Ryan) who is based in Argentina. I have been following his work for a number of years now and the boy is just getting better and better. His attitude and taste in music is truly amazing, his sets continuously blow me away. On the production front, Luetzenkirchen, Audiofly, Catwash, Pablo Bolivar, Stuart McKeown and Darius Bassiray.

Locally, well we all know how good we have it in Melbourne! Shall I go through the names- Maybe next time, but what we have in Melbourne is really exceptional and it will only continue to get better.

You have recently scored a residency at a new night called 'Neon Elektrik'. Tell us more about the night and the idea behind it.
It really came about as the result of three DJs recognising the need for something a little bit different in the dance community. The concept was born and all that was left was to find a suitable venue that was both intimate and warm as well as having that little extra something. We think this is going to be a great way for people that want to go out and hear some cool and interesting sounds in an oversized lounge room with kick-ass sound and some extra couches. They do a jaw-dropping Long Island Ice Tea plus many different styles of Cocktails.

The music policy is going to be that of an underground house, tech and funk persuasion, and will have plenty of room to boogie. It will be every second Friday of the month and I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to play.

Last year saw you play regularly alongside Melbourne greats Sean Quinn and Dan Mangan at 'Pressure'. Will this night continue in 2006-
Yeah, absolutely! Andi (Red) and I have just finalised the details for our re-launch party, which will kick off on March 10. We have our full list of residents playing which includes Sean (Quinn) Dan (Mangan), Keltec and<