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Diafrix interview

Author: KalliN
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Diafrix's 'In Tha Place' E.P has finally been released and according to Azmarino, one of the groups original MCs, it has been "a long and complicated procedure".

Is it any wonder considering that with the politics of the industry it's almost as if to be releasing music; one needs a business degree, not musical ability or integrity- Now that the process is finally complete, Diafrix are looking forward to getting their music out there and of course, performing live shows.

Speaking openly with Azmarino from Diafrix, it is clear that their main struggle has been "breaking through and overcoming peoples perceptions." Despite that, it is very clear that for this local crew it's simple, "It's just about the music!" Fusing multi-lingual hip-hop with dance hall and soul, this original 5-piece from Footscray are breaking all barriers.

"We are having a hard time being accepted as Australian hip-hop. That's the one thing we are facing that's causing a lot of difficulty" Despite this Azmarino expresses that "we've had much support from the hip-hop community, help which made recording the E.P possible".

Diafrix gained funding for the E.P. from the Melbourne City Council through their on-going relationship with Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Meeting at a hip-hop workshop in highschool, Azmarino and Momo, both political refugees from Africa, started out as a duo, simply writing verses with the aid of a simple CD player.

Eager to make the music original and get it noticed, Azmarino had the thought that "people expect more, you've always got to freshen up -you know-" prompting the guys to source extra members enabling "more musical choice".

Ptero_Stylus joined the crew, creating the original production and beats with Wax Vandal adding the cuts and Nadee doing vocals, adding a deeper soul flavour to the group. Azmarino explains the dynamics as such, "we all contribute in our own way which makes us a collective."

For Diafrix hip-hop has always been their way of life, their ultimate voice; "It's the one musical genre that people can express their thoughts and issues." Azmarino strongly believes that "we need to remember the old school and what it started for."

These guys clearly have a story to tell, however they are trying to overcome the current stigma whereby "a lot of people are using hip-hop in a bad way". Therefore Diafrix's production and lyrics remain positive, up-beat and consistently funky.

'In Tha Place' has been getting a "really positive response." Committed to the ideal of "one love for hip-hop", it is undeniable that this original and funky locally released E.P has truly global appeal.

Talking about his personal motivation, Azmarino explains "I can study as hard as I can but I'd never be accepted into Parliament, leaving hip-hop as my opportunity." Diafrix are working hard to get their music to wider audiences and make a positive difference "It's harder and harder for people to ignore us now, we got a crowd now, before no-one would take a risk on us!"

Diafrix have remained an independent original force to be reckoned with. I look forward to what they offer next.

Diafrix's debut LP 'In The Place' is out now distributed by MGM