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DJ Sal - Profile / Interview - Rainbow Serpent 2006

Author: Azztek @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, January 12, 2006
DJ Sal's fame is starting to rise as one of Japans most popular DJ's. He is one of the few acts that is responsible for bringing to the progressive element to Japan, and proving that the progressive genre is more than just deep sound, but a genre that can explore and reach out into emotional states, funky baselines and dirty grinding rifts.

As well as being selected to lineup on the bill at some of the worlds best known parties and clubs, Sal has taken it a step further and put together his own event in Japan, Utage. Recently, he has released tracks under the Stargate, Antenna and Iboga records banners.

In this interview we find out that music is the common language we speak. Here we have quick chat to Sal to see what he has been up to and what he has in store for the Rainbow Serpent Festival in January.

DJ Sal


Describe the genre you play:
Groovy, progressive, dirty, funky, emotional, fat, deep

Japan, Tokyo


Latest Mixes:

Most Recent Tours in 2005:
Morocco, Ibiza, France

Next Tour Location:
Turkey - Eclipse Party

Do you have any current residencies that you regularly play-:
Before, I had a residency at Stargate but now nothing. I will make my own party in Tokyo in this year. It will be something special.

Will you be playing at any other venues or events whilst in Australia-:
No….but I hope next time there is more!

Favorite Place to Tour:
I don't go out and tour so much, but I like clubs in Ibiza and Japan. Open air is also nice.

Most Recent Release:
Tokyo Underground / V.A (Stargate recordings)

Thoughts on this release:
It still Fresh and also master piece!

Who are your influences-:
Many…….I can't decide

Place music is available to purchase from:

On Rainbow Serpent:

What sort of a set to you have planned for rainbow-:
So….I don't know time table now, but I hope to play in morning. I like that, but always try to keep to the same formula. I try to make groovy and emotional for crowd. And I watch the DJ before me & if the crowd feels it, I continue in that time always.

Will you be bringing anything new to rainbow, trying anything different-:
Always I try to make something new, but I haven't played in Australia before.
For now, I plan same. But recently I have started to use edit tracks, that's kind of new for me.

What do you think of outdoor festivals like rainbow serpent-:
That's my favorite!

How do you balance playing what you want to play versus what they want to hear-:
I try to chase it…..and mix it up a bit,

What has been your proudest moment whilst playing or composing:
See a blazing crowd!!!

Tranzfusion Quickies:

Favorite Drink: Beer!
Favorite Movie: Full metal jacket
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi!
Pajamas or Naked: too difficult to decide

We can catch Sal at Rainbow Serpent Australia Day weekend