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Christian Vance Interview: Phunk De Solo

Author: Soma
Friday, May 19, 2006

And then there was one. How are feeling about your debut solo performance. Any nerves-

Always nerves. It's always a challenge to get out of a routine and still have the same control over things - fingers crossed. I'm feeling it though... and I haven't even started with half the stuff I want to use.

You have been very busy working on new material. Can we expect a different sound from you working alone-

Real busy. This is all new music and nothing revisited except the same old futuristic sentimentality. You can expect the same feeling just new toys workin' it! I hate defining my music so it's easier to come and see for oneself. I think that the only thing with having greater control is being able to respond and extend your ideas during the performance. We can all benefit from that.

As part of 'Phunk De Sonique' you have supported a long list of Internationals artists that include Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin, Aril Brikha and Jeff Mills. Which show has stood out for you-

All of them- Can I write that- It still feels great to have played with those guys. Detroit has always been a window into certain things for me and for the other boys too. I think this might even be the third time supporting Kenny here in Melbourne.

Apart from Abelton Live are there any other programs you have been using to develop your show-

Ableton and some soft synths, effects etc.... I haven't even started using the sampling software yet. Too much choice out there (a blessing in sinister disguise). It's almost all Ableton baby!

Have you done much traveling with your music- Any destinations or particular festivals you would like to share your sound with-

Singapore's the only place that comes to mind. We got to play on a beach to 1500 people and it was so humid even the keyboards were sweating. Nothing like a gig holiday with your mates ;) Any of the big festivals in Europe would be an experience. Sonar comes to mind. Everyone also tells me that the Japanese are up for some Deep as F#(k morning sessions. That would be right up my alley.

As you will be warming up for Kenny Larkin at 'Blow Your Own Way' in Melbourne does this add to the pressure or make you more excited about the performance- What's in store for us-

It's fun pressure. You need that sometimes. It negates any human error. What's in store- 1 hour of ups, downs and sideways. Christian Vance model 2006.

This will be the fifth 'Blow Your Own Way' event you've played at. How do you feel about being such a strong part of this brand and about the brand as a whole- Musically and culturally how important is this event brand to Melbourne-

It's great to still see great techno acts still coming out and playing to people who are into the music. I've been a part of these parties from the start so I'll just have to grow old with them. I like the idea of performing with old buddies, hanging out and getting off on the sound of moving music on the dancefloor. I wish there was more.

As part of 'Phunk De Sonique', you've been producing for many years now. Can we expect label releases now that you have gone solo- What does the future hold for Christian Vance-

Overdue is even an old term. There's stuff I'm playing this Friday that will be released. I'll make sure everyone knows about it when it happens. It's just my way. The future- Let's just keep hold of it ourselves and make a map. >> There's no escaping that. If you can expect anything at all it's that I won't be very quiet up there.... just no talking please!