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Cagedbaby interview: He'll See You Now

Author: Andrew James
Thursday, February 9, 2006
You've probably not heard of Brighton-based outfit Cagedbaby yet, but that's only a matter of time. A live exponent for producer Tom Gandey, Cagedbaby make electronic soul as imagined by a rock group, similar to the electro-pop of Cut Copy, but with a more funk-based approach. After signing to Norman Cook's Southern Fried imprint, they turning heads with some inspired performances on the UK festival circuit, including Glastonbury. In town for the Big Day Out, Tom took time out to talk all things Caged.

What's the deal with Brighton and the amount of great music coming out of the city- Is there something in the water-"
I guess so, there's such a diverse talent for such a little city, but it's always had a bohemian vibe. A lot of art comes out of Brighton, it's utterly unique, you should come and visit check it out! Let me show you round our fair city, Brighton was built mainly by the Prince Regent - Queen Victoria's son, a real dandy who set up his legacy and it's never left. It's a wicked place but it comes alive in the summer, there must be something in the water but it's not all that for swimming."

How was playing Glastonbury-
"Playing Glastonbury is always amazing, I did three different gigs there last year, one with my band, one electronic live set and a DJ gig, it's magical, Glastonbury. Imagine building a city for 150,000 people in a few weeks and then running it smoothly with nobody sleeping, there's nothing like it. Apparently it's in Ibiza this year so I'm looking forward to not taking my wellies for change."

You've said before that everything you do is influenced by film - tell us more about this.
"Well the early stuff I did was influenced by movies, especially '80s flicks I used to watch when I was a kid (and still do). I still kinda collect VHS's and have them on in the background when I'm in the studio and if a little noise comes up then bang, it's in my track. I like to work organically like that, whatever pops into my head. I've got noises from films all over my album, unrecognisable to most people, some people spot them."

How would you consider your music visually- What images do you conjure up when thinking of your music-
"Wow that's a new question, I love Coldcut and what they do live, Futureheads are another one, images I conjure up are often Disney-related, lots of Fantasia and Aladdin. We're working on a new visual show for this year, lots of nature shots, evolution and sci-fi technophobias."

How was it making your first video, for the single Hello There- Was the experience as you imagined-
"Yes it was great, luckily I shot it against a blue screen so got to lie down and be pampered all day, yes quite an experience very different to the live videos I'd made to date. One forgets how complex television is sometimes and take it all for granted as if it was all in 'real-time'. I'm pleased with what the director made, he's a brilliant talent and made one for The Presets before me."

Can you think of a gig that stands out as one of the best-
"Closing the Brixton Academy (8,000) on our last tour with the Chemical Brothers the atmosphere was alive, electric and hectic, what a buzz. Hope we can repeat that at the BDO."

What about one of the worst-
"Probably in Ibiza onboard this oil tanker for a promotional thing, all our gear was smashed up on the flight over from London and only half of it worked, the other half cut out mid set, great when you're playing live. What are you supposed to do then-"

What can punters expect from your live shows here-
"Hopefully they'll get that we're totally live, no playback and no loops, it's raw dance music with a disco rock energy, it's always different everytime we play, expect a bit of LCD [Soundsystem] style, with Mylo's handbag thrown in for good measure."