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ATFC interview: Fat Diva Slim Boy Mashups-

Author: Stuart Evans
Thursday, March 2, 2006
House music don ATFC may sound like more than one person, but delve deeper and you'll be surprised.

ATFC stands for Aydin The Funki Chilie, the moniker of British house spinner DJ Aydin Hasirci. That name alone may not send your feet automatically to the floor, but Hasirci has had three UK top 40 hits, a successful underground record label and a complete DJ itinerary which keeps him busy for months.

Hasiric has his roots firmly in the hip hop and funk origins but he became affiliated with house and garage in 1994 and the subsequent dance music boom. But further success was lying dormant. In 1997 he joined Uptown Records and found himself in the heart of London's happening dance community. It was here that he produced his widely recognised club anthem, In And Out Of My Life.

The record (which proved to be a massive UK hit) simply fused Fatboy Slim's Right Here, Right Now and Adeva's powerful vocals to bring about one of the most original mash-ups to date. Bad Habit, his second single release under the OnePhatDeeva moniker, proved to be just as popular with punters and DJs alike.

With In And Out Of My Life you, in effect, set the standard for all future mash-ups. What are your thoughts on today's mash-ups-
"Around the time of In and Out I was working in a Soho record store and heard many bad mash-ups. You can tell when someone who knows what they're doing does one because even though the vocal and the backing may be from different genres or even decades, they should sound like they were meant to be together. In tune, in time, in rhythm and the vibes should match. The best mash-ups are when genres collide and create a whole new atmosphere."

How do you feel about the current line of mash-ups artists- Do you think that it's a good thing for house music-
"It can only ever be a good thing for music in general. Why do you think so many record labels put acapellas on their releases- Because they hope someone like me will come along one day and give them a hit they didn't expect."

Just out of curiosity, what did Fatboy Slim think of the track-
"I recently read an interview with him in which he said it was the one track he plays at every gig! I couldn't believe it - what an honour. It was his first record at Glastonbury last summer. He said that he loved it so much he was claiming it as his own."

ATFC sounds more like an abbreviated soccer club than a name of sorts, why the funky chile-
"Oh yes, Google ATFC and you get a few gems. Aberystwyth Town Football Club, Association of Town Finance Committees and other unofficial ones I've heard… Another Track For Cash, Aydin The Funky Chicken, Aydin The Fat C**t. Before my forays into house music I played hip hop, funk and jazz and wrote a music column for a clubbing magazine. The editor signed me off one issue as Aydin The Funky Chile, (as in Voodoo Chile by Jimmy Hendrix pronounced chyle) because I was 'funky' (of course) and a young DJ compared to others in the area. Stupidly, I thought I'd keep the name but it just created more confusion so I abbreviated it to ATFC."

You followed up the success of In & Out with Bad Habit. When you heard that Bad Habit was played four times during the Miami Music Conference, how did you react-
"Well I was there and heard it for myself! It was actually at the Magic Sessions, a legendary party hosted by Tony Humphries and Little Louie Vega which was, at the time, THE party of the conference to hear the next big records. I was there with my manager and Simon Dunmore (from Defected) and had heard that Louie liked my record, so I hoped that he would play it.

Tedd Patterson played first and gave it a spin so I was on cloud nine from the outset. Then Tony Humphries took over and played it for a second time! People around me went wild and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Finally Louie Vega took to the decks and when I heard the<