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Scott Alert and his Fixation with Trauma (interview)

Author: Hayley Over
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
When your just starting out in an industry it really helps to have someone like Scott Alert on your side.

Up and coming DJs Ben Jackson and DJ Crazed have both been afforded such luck.

Scott Alert feels that the promotion of new DJs is the future of an industry he has been in for many years. The introduction of new DJs brings the introduction of new ideas and sounds, keeping the industry fresh and vibrant. Scott aims to help those out who want to break into an industry, which is otherwise very hard to do.

DJ Crazed is one of the DJs that Scott has very much helped along the way.

"The highlight of my career was playing a closing set with Scott at Trauma," reveals Dj Crazed. "My career was fast forwarded by Scott, as he brought me on as an up and coming DJ through Trauma"

DJ Crazed is the perfect example of why the promotion of new talent is paramount to the industry. When asked what style of music he likes to play, DJ Crazed says he likes to steer away from rather typical anthems. He likes to introduce audiences to an uplifting sound through hard dance/hard trance, with a particularly UK sort of sound.

DJ Crazed is now responsible for a once a month club called 'Fixation'. Fixation runs in conjunction with the new Trauma. After the closure of Trauma at Brown Alley, the Kandy Collective sought out the very best venue they could find.

Scott Alert feels that Trauma has finally found its home, describing the venue as "raving with a touch of class". The ladies will be impressed to know that there is even their very own powder room. Due to the amount of bad publicity it is difficult to find venues for rave style events but Scott and DJ Crazed feel that the vendors they are working with are very co-operative, and there are no plans to move Trauma.

Fixation and Trauma will work on a rotating basis. DJ Ben Jackson believes that this will be the key to the clubs success.

"Sometimes it can get boring going to the same venue, with the same music, with the same people all the time," remarks Jackson. "This spices things up a bit."

Both Trauma and Fixation don't like to pigeonhole themselves into a particular genre. Scott feels that labeling music, although necessary, can mean that people miss out on tracks they might otherwise enjoy. The same goes for the type of crowd Fixation and Trauma hope to attract, although it is apparent the nights will pull fans of the previous Hard Kandy at Billboards.

The Trauma and Fixation crew are all interested in bringing crowds their favourites but also feel the need to introduce a new feel to the scene. With the popularity of Hardstyle music in Melbourne at the moment, other sub-genres have not been so popular. Yet Scott feels that this will change.

"Hardstyle has kind of explored all the boundaries it can in music and now your seeing a lot of fusion," is his analytical response. "A lot of different styles coming in like techno, hardstyle and hardhouse. These styles are fusing where you will get some sets having hardstyle breakdowns and then trance. There will begin to be a big mix up in the sets and this is a positive thing"

The second of September is set to be a big night for the Trauma crew. Some well known Melbourne favourites, such as Master Kaos and Scott Alert will mix it up with the upcoming talent. The Trauma crew is out to impress, with CD giveaways for the first 150 people through the door.

When asked why someone should come to Trauma, DJ Ben Jackson sums it up with the simple yet perfect response of, "Because if you don't, you're going to wish you did."

Who can argue with that logic!

Your next opportunity to check out Trauma is on the 2nd of September @ 139 Bourke St, Melbourne. This leaves exactly two weeks to recover in time for Fixation on Friday the 16th at the same venue.