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Organ Donors Interview: Post-Plastic Surgery & Attack of the Mac

Author: Clare Dickins
Sunday, August 21, 2005
When you're an Organ Donor, life is rarely dull. "We almost lost our testicles when the Mac exploded under our studio table," tells Scott Harris, one half of the dynamic hard dance production team with brother Matt. The pair may be known as veritable rockstars of the UK scene, but when it comes to production work, they more than back up their name. Dicing up trance, techno, hard dance and slabs of floor-stomping hardstyle, the duo has etched out their own distinctive niche in the UK hard dance scene. One the eve of their upcoming gig at Pharmacy, Tranzfusion caught up with the Organ Donors' Scott Harris.

Of their partnership with each other, psy trance duo (and brothers) Skazi recently said, "We eat the same food, fuck the same girls and breathe the same air." You both seem to enjoy living the rockstar life a bit, does what Skazi say resonate with you- What's the partnership like-
Ha-ha, that's hilarious, I like it! I would agree with the air bit in our case! The girls my brother is into scare me and I would be scared to share for fear of being eaten alive! I also suspect he's into some seedy and masochistic sexual practices but I won't go into any more detail!

Matt and I are very similar in a lot of respects, but also very dissimilar. I think from being so close with one another, we've kind of mutated a single personality between us. I think what happens is we both compensate for each others weaknesses, where one of us lacks, the other thrives, so it's like the two of us together make up one machine.

When Nukleuz launched their hardstyle sub-label 'Nukleuz Black' a couple of years back, you were both one of the imprint's main artists. Are you still involved with the sub-label- In general, what's hardstyle's popularity like in the UK these days-
Hardstyle isn't that big in the UK scene in itself, but everyone loves a little bit of the right hardstyle here and there! At the time, hardstyle was the sound of the moment, it was fresh, exciting and different - and that's what drives us. Personally, we've explored hardstyle as much as we'd like to, both with productions and our live work and now there are other sounds and styles that are driving us.

With many factions of the dance music world struggling a lot of late, what's the vibe like in the UK at the moment-
I think people have totally got the wrong idea of the state of the scene in general. I think you only have to look at the DJs in general to get an understanding; there are more DJs than there ever have been, and they are all busier than they have ever been, and they are all getting paid more and releasing more CDs and compilations than ever before. In general, this all says to me that the scene is stronger and bigger than ever before.

Any plans of a follow-up to Plastic Surgeons. Generally speaking, what other productions pieces do you both have in the works- Dish the goss!
Plastic Surgeons was a Nukleuz album. We are working on our follow-up album now but it won't be a pure Nukleuz album. We are working with a lot of other labels now and it's really exciting, as our music has always been diverse and suited to different labels. At the moment we are working on material for labels such as Druck, Detox, Intec and Tidy Trax - across the board is really how we like it. Our first non Nukleuz single in 4 years is coming out on Tidy in September '05 and is called Turntablism. I think its going to go down very well.