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Nick Warren Interview

Author: Mark Burton
Sunday, August 28, 2005
Nick Warren, acclaimed DJ and one half of the production duo Way Out West, joins up with Global Underground for the sixth time, taking us to Shanghai. The release sees Bristol's favourite turntablist on vintage form, with a cracker of a mix showcasing fresh new talent from across the globe.

Congratulations! GU28 sees you break the record in the series with your sixth mix. What's been the secret behind this partnership-
NW: Trust I suppose. They never tell me what to do. I have faith in them; it just works.

You're given total freedom to do your own thing, including track selection-
NW: It's all up to me, thank god.

'Shanghai' sees you in typically diverse form. How do you manage to blend so many diverse sounds into one coherent, crafted end-product-
NW: It's what I have always done, I was lucky to find so many amazing tracks as well.

Do you plan the mix differently for a compilation as opposed to a club set-
NW: God yes, the comp has to be listenable in the car, at home, or dancing. Club sets are purely for the club.

There's a truly global feel to it with artists from all across the world. Where's the latest hotbed for new production talent-
NW: One of the best areas at the moment has to be Greece and also Turkey. Real forward thinking progressive music.

How many tracks do you start out considering for the mix and how does the process of elimination go-
NW: I think I listened to around 3000, got down to around 60 they the chosen few.

As well as all the new material, an old classic gets an airing. It must be nice to sneak in an old gem-
NW: It's one of my favourites, and still sounds amazing today.

How do you think this release follows on from Reykjavik-
NW: It does I suppose. It has a lot of the vibe of it, but in a more up-tempo way.

How were the nights you did in Shanghai-
NW: Amazing !! Great place and wonderful up for it people.

What's been your favourite moment on tour with the Global boys-
NW: In the blue lagoon hot springs in Iceland when playboy turned up for a photo shoot was fairly memorable!

Which GU release not mixed by yourself tops the pile for you-
NW: Sasha's Ibiza has never really been bettered.

There's also just been a new single released by Way Out West. What are your future plans for the band-
NW: No plans until next year really. this tour fills up 2005 for me.

You'll be touring Australia in early October; do you find that you adapt your sets for these shores at all-
NW: The thing is, you should never adapt a set. Do your own thing everytime.

As a frequent visitor to these shores, any gigs that particularly stand out-
NW: The last Global launch gig at Room was an amazing party , and also Sounds on Sunday New Years day 2004 was pretty special.

Nick Warren tour dates:
Sat 1/10 ­- Brisbane, Parklife
Sun 2/10 ­- Sydney, Parklife (afternoon)
Sun 2/10 -­ Canberra, Lot 33 (night)
Fri 7/10 ­- Perth, Godskitchen
Sat 8/10 -­ Melbourne, Godskitchen
'Global Underground 028: Shanghai' mixed by Nick Warren is out now