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Ivan Gough / TV ROCK interview

Author: CeeDuB
Thursday, December 8, 2005
It isn't an exaggeration to state that Ivan Gough epitomises many of the characteristics necessary to be a dance music producer in the current musical climate. Firstly, there is chameleon-like ability to change with the times, seeing him avoid the stagnation experienced by many producers who find themselves trapped in a bygone era. In comparison, 'bold, contemporary, innovative and daring' are words that come to mind when thinking Ivan Gough, as he is undoubtedly one of Australia's most respected yet humble producer. With over 15 years hands-on experience in the dynamic world that is dance and electronic music production, Ivan Gough is testament to the adage 'you gotta love what you do'.

He started as a DJ, playing tunes that he loved and just enjoyed himself. Now his resume boasts the newly created Bimbo Rock - a record label with SONY / BMG, a swag of remixes of some of the biggest and freshest European talent around and the upcoming completion of his own studio. How he still finds time to be a full time husband and part time chef and do not know.

One thing I do know is that his latest project TV ROCK, partnered with Grant Smillie, Johnno, Seany B and Shirley Davis (Deep Face), is set for success. With the years of knowledge all the partners bring, both musically and professionally, TV ROCK have begun to set its sights for the larger waters of the very competitive and cutthroat European dance market. There is plenty in store for us punters, with loads of original stuff, remixes, parties and gigs to come.

So I emailed Ivan and discussed some of his plans and dreams for the next year and beyond, as well as sharing some insights into the music industry, production and the key to making it big in the music business..

How did you first break into the music scene and what do you feel have been the key factors which helped you to get where you are today-
I did a remix in 1995 that was picked up by Pete Tongs 'FFRR' label and that was it, I was hooked on making tunes! The main reason I'm still here is through persistence. This business can be very difficult at times, so you have to stick with it and you'll get somewhere.

I see Bimbo Records have just been established. How hard has it been setting up a record label-
It has taken some hard work, but the effort will be worth it. As long as you're releasing good material then you'll be fine I say!

Do you see yourself and TV ROCK producing a full album or are you going to pursue a more laid back approach, with singles and live gigs-
Possibly, but right now we're more interested in releasing some quality singles and putting on some good live shows. We may produce an album for somebody else in the future, who knows!

You have had some impressive work of late, what with a remix of Sander Kleinenberg's The Fruit and Deepface's Been Good, where do you see yourself heading now- Are you going to focus more on remixing, TV ROCK and Bimbo Records or pursue your original love, DJing- A mix cd perhaps- All of the above!
We'll definitely do a mix cd next year, more originals and a few remixes, and plenty of TV Rock gigs and parties!

You have partnered with Luke Chable, share a studio with Grant Smilie as TV ROCK, and have worked with some of the freshest names in the music world, including remixing Pseudo Echo's Love an Adventure and Miss Kitten and Golden Boy's Rippin Kitten to name but a very few. How has it effected your day to day life- Do you find yourself swamped with fans or are you enjoying it- Has it opened many doors for you that were previously shut-
We're not exactly rock stars, so I'm not getting swamped by fans, but we are getting noticed by the clubbers and are enjoying the success. As far as opening doors, we realise we still have a lot of work to do to break into the European market, but we are slowly building profile over there too. We're currently doing a couple of remixes f