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Habersham & Numinous

Author: Terry Goldfain
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Dance music has certainly had its share of dynamic duos with Deep Dish one of the first and foremost to come to mind. However, becoming just as important to the scene is the more recent pairing of Habersham (Damon) and Numinous (Brett). Rising to initial prominence with the inclusion of their track, Mister Cool, on Phil K's 'Balance 004' compilation, they have gone on to find success both individually and as a team. In fact, many similarities can be found between them and Deep Dish, including Habersham and Numinous's join venture, the record label Blueprint that draws some parallels with the original Deep Dish Records.

"There's definitely different skills that we bring to the table," they reply when asked of the label venture. "For example, Brett (Numinous) handles and has more experience with the business side of things, whereas Damon (Habersham) exposes us to a lot of the music we sign. Other than certain individual skills, we do discuss and consult each other on virtually every decision. When deciding what to release on Blueprint, we always look for unique sounds that cross genres. Records with character."

Habersham and Numinous's latest joint venture is an Australian tour in which they find themselves embroiled at the time of this interview, having already played in Canberra. "Usually we play two-for-two or thereabouts since our styles blend well together," explains Habersham when describing what those attending Sunny this Saturday can expect. "There will definitely be stylistic similarities as the last time through OZ, but as music is always changing and evolving so do the records we play. In other words, each set is different and you'll hear something new every time."

What hasn't change is the respect Habersham and Numinous hold Phil K and the Melbourne dance community in. When last interviewed for Zebra, Habersham mentioned that when creating music he always had Phil K in the back of his mind. "We view Melbourne as a community of passionate artists that are always pushing the limits of electronic music, and this is exemplified by people such as Phil K, Andy Page, Dan Mangan, Dan Bonicci, Nubreed, PQM, Jono Fernandez and the list goes on and on," they state. "These are guys that are always working together, pushing each other to new heights."

"We're super-excited about our next and biggest release yet, Andy Page's Serpent / Blue Noise. This is easily one of the most memorable records we've heard in quite some time. Damon first heard Serpent his last time through OZ, and fell in love with it. This song is easily Andy Page's most floor-friendly work, leading to its inclusion as the last song on Phil Ks recent 'Y4K' release. Combine that with the lush, moving soundscape of the flipside, Blue Noise, you truly have a record that everyone will enjoy for a long time to come. You can expect to see copies hit the shelves in about 6 weeks. And yeah, the question of 'will Phil be into this' still crosses our minds. I don't think that's something that will ever change when you look up to someone as much as we do to him."

Just as important to the boys as Blueprint Recordings is the digital download website EDM Digital which they are equally involved in. "Up to this point, has been a great success in what we set out for it to do, which is expose the highest quality underground music and artists to the average internet-savvy consumer," they explain. "Everything about the site has surpassed our expectations, and it's clear to see that it's acceptance and popularity is growing exponentially with every day that passes. In five years or so, we hope to see our selection continue to expand throughout all genres of electronic music, and that our role in the future of this music is significant in drawing the focus back to the artists and people passionately pushing what they believe in. Perhaps the greatest example is our Independent Artist catalogue, which presents producers with the freedom to re