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A Chat With Lee Burridge

Author: Phil Watkins
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Lee Burridge is embarking on a new tour called 365 which, over the course of a year, allows him to spend a month residency in different cities around the world. In order to get an idea of exactly how much of a mammoth task he is taking, Phil Watkins took the opportunity to speak arguably the dryest wit in dance music.

Originally you're from Dorset and having holidayed there as a kid, I know it's not exactly the place you would associated parties with.But it wasn't until you reached Hong Kong that you started getting acclaim for your sets. How did you get from the sleepy town to the town that almost never sleeps-
I used to DJ in various local clubs in the countyside of England and was looking for a change. Fate crossed my path and I was offered a job by a bar owner from Hong Kong who just happened to be in my little town attending a wedding while also on the look out for a new UK DJ. If I hadn't of taken the
job playing the Village People, Madonna and other classic pop hits I doubt I'd be where I am today. Obviously I ditched the 'wedding' style DJ'ing and
concentrated on playing underground music in Hong Kong who's scene grew up while I was there. There's a lot of luck involved in getting a break. Sadly
its not just about talent. I have a question about your question...are the 'acclaimed sets' you asked me about either the underground ones or he 'wedding' set- hahahaha

The "365" tour is a new concept tour which allows you to hold a residency in different cities around the world. I believe you have already been to Hong Kong and also the white isle of Ibiza. Is the tour turning out to be everything you hoped it would be-
I have indeed finished Hong Kong and Ibiza and am currently mid way into New York. The residencies have been crazy. Different nights have seen different reactions to the music and every party has been better than the last. I've left each city so far feeling that I've achieved something, so I guess the answer to your question is a big fat YES!

One of the great aspects of this tour is that it allows you to gain a repoire with the different crowds in the different cities. How has your
music been able to evolve as you have spent more time in the different cities-

One of the main ideas behind 365 was to be more than a hit and run kind of DJ. It's usual for DJs to come and play a club then not return to the city or
country for six months to a year. This is fine but I feel all DJs have the chance of playing badly as well as doing a great job. This can be due to
being tired, wasted, sick or simply not vibing with the crowd on that particular night. With the four parties I've been able to work certain tracks and build them over the nights. I've learnt what works and what doesn't (although obviously this doesn't happen too much hahahaha!!) and I've been able to adjust accordingly at the next party. Sometimes people need to hear a track more than once for seven minutes in a club to: 1-remember it, 2- like it, 3- love it. New tracks get better reactions the more you hear them.

Melbourne has been mentioned as one of the cities that the tour will encompass which has got us very excited down here. When do you expect to be down here and have you decided on who will be joining you for your residency-
I am in the process of putting this together right now. Every city has been approached differently and Melbourne is no exception. I'm planning on being in Melbourne early in 2006 and as for who is joining'll have to wait and see.

It has been mentioned that the gigs on your tour have taken place in more intimate venues this time. It must be great to get the best of both worlds, so to speak, and be able to have a definitely more intense experience in some of the smaller rooms, especially in NYC-
I love small venues. This is where it's at to play proper underground music and go off on one. The afterhours and the small clubs here have been sold out and ra