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Would you pay £100,000 for a rave flyer-

Author: Tav
Saturday, June 21, 2003
Since the very beginning, the rave/club flyer has reflected the open minded and creative culture to which we belong. For some of us it's the only way we can remember which parties we have been to but for a growing number flyer collecting is fast becoming a profitable pastime.

Tav talks to flyer collector 'Angelflyers'.

Tell us why and how you started collecting flyers-

In 1987, about 16 years ago I felt an affinity with club and rave flyers, was listening to music, visiting record shops, attending events and joining mailing lists. I had a good feeling that flyers would grow as a highly profitable and emerging market which is proving to be correct.

Favourite flyers, why-

No one specific flyer, although Fantazia, Torture Garden, Cream and Ministry of Sound are personal favourites.

Any good memories of certain events, parties, times etc-

Yes, certainly those that I have mentioned, all of which at one time or another I have attended. Since 1996 it's certainly marked that we have noticed website addresses quoted on flyers.

Tell us about the artists you like-

UK artists that are well worth watching and collecting flyers of are Junior Tomlin, Urd and Kraze as well as others.

The site when did you set it up- was setup 13 years after Angelflyers in 2000 and with the help of Carl Palmer, Webmaster and CiO has attracted many recognized website awards.

What does the site offer-

A platform for flyer collectors, media buyers and media investors involving flyer galleries, Photo exhibitions and Anime portfolios as well as interactive features news, quiz, feedback, refer and links.

Where are you based-

London, England.

What magazine publicity have you had in 2003 so far-

We have had interviews or reviews done by Knowledge, Bubble Jam Delite and DJ.

What flyers do you get most interest in, what kind of time period, what events-

Since the late 1980s, the most collectible flyers in terms of financial and sentimental value remain A4, A5 and A6 sized. Personal favourites as well as others that have characteristics that are likely to make them collectable like event, djs, mcs, location and artist.

What projects have you worked on over the past 3 years-

We have done electronic and print projects with a variety of companies including McCann Erikson Worldwide Advertising, Twilo, Enron and Home. Further information will be made available at our next update which is scheduled for Q3 2003.

Most expensive flyer, why, how, who bought it-

I valued a Dreamscape flyer at £100,000 for a German flyer collector who was urgently completing a collection of UK flyers for a private client two years ago.

I've been commissioned to buy and sell European flyer collections for as much as £15,000 which has often seen a good return on my client's investment. Commissions are an area of the ebusiness which has reached an exciting stage.

The future-

As the Chairman and CEO, I believe that in an emerging market which is highly specialized, with few competitors allows us to have a worldwide market, market share and worldwide sales. You can expect from us an increase in integrated marketing such as articles, competitions and brochures as we continue expand.