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The Juicy Reality according to Loka Nunda and Sam Star

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, January 15, 2003
'Loka wanted to perform a cover of 'Sex Dwarf' - a little known masterpiece by 'Soft Cell' at an underground fetish party, but I (Samantha Star) wasn't so keen on the idea of strutting around in pvc, whipping half naked skinheads in a bondage setting.' For Loka Nunda and Samantha Star, covering all shades of grey is a 'juicy reality' though their role in the dance scene extends much further than the dark depths of the fetish party.

Reflecting the consciousness of the outdoor dance party scene Loka and Sam will be performing at this years' Rainbow Serpent Festival. 'We are very excited to be performing at the festival, it is a great Karma yoga service and it will be a pleasure to play to an audience of our soul mates.'

Loka Nunda spent his twenties living as a Hare Krishna, throughout the world and in particular India. After following a prediction from a palm reader, music became the driving force in Loka's life and in 1990 Loka's prophecy began to materialize after he completed composing a soundtrack for his own independent film 'Done to Death.' Following this came 'Soul Lover,' 'Baby it's you,' 'Wicked Karma,' the 'Sensual Warrior' ep and Loka's most respected work to date, 'The Sweet Lord Concept Album,' a definitive collaboration with the German maverick of rock, Nina Hagen. 'Sweet Lord had a life of its own and was taking me on a journey of devotion.'

Having experienced life in Hong Kong, Japan and the Daintree Rainforest Queensland, Samantha Star sang for many years as a soprano in the Trinity Chapel choir, and with a deep understanding of Wiccan Earth Magic and world accapella music, Samantha has become an integral part of many musical and environmental projects as well as numerous outdoor tribal dance events.

Loka and Sam are currently putting together a new album that features an extraordinarily diverse range of talent; titled 'Future Self' Loka and Sam are thrilled with the album's progress. 'It's coming along magically; we are honoured to be working with some beautiful super-souls, such as Pete Hemsley, Nina Hagen, DJ Dimitri from Dee Lite. Chris Thompson, Josh Abrahams, Ganga Giri, Jism, and Don Peyote. The angelic melodies and raunchy beats are coming together as if channelled from Kali, Aphrodite, Sarwisvati, and it's all advancing at spirits time.'

Working with everyone from rock mavericks to spiritual trance artists has always been the way for Loka and Sam. Their blending of east with west, yoga systems with eastern philosophises, and techno and punk with chants and earth beats, has seen Loka and Sam performing at Red Raw, The Market, Dome, Big Day Out, Live with Nina Hagen in San Francisco and Earth Fest. 'We both come from a spiritual background and have a lust for life. We endeavour to live SPIRITUALLY in this material world - listening to our hearts and interpreting the spirits will so we can do our best...Our collaborations integrate chants and earth beats into dance techno and punk rock tracks. It sounds unbelievable but it is true. To us it makes perfect sense, as it reflects the crazy lives we both lead, thus we cross over many genres of musical influences and integrate them into an eclectic soundtrack of our lives (or maybe its just the voices in our heads and we make it up as we go along).'

Voices in their heads maybe, but for Sam and Loka connecting with your spiritual side and using music to attune yourself is fundamentally what it is all about. 'Sound vibration is the key to consciousness. Everything has its signature sound. All that is, is music.'

Siting influences from the spirit, nature, human compassion, frailty and human love...the great mystery. Sam and Loka also draw from the musical talents of David Bowie, Nina Hagan, Delirium, Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, Indigenous Sacred Chants, Bjork and Prodigy in order to achieve their musical goals. 'We want to raise the vibration of this poor planet, that is our soul motivation for our music.'

And what better way to raise<