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The Chicken Lips Special Blend

Author: Katie Elles
Saturday, August 9, 2003
If you say the name Bizarre Inc to any seasoned dance music fan (over 25) they are likely to become a little nostalgic.

Memories from the good old days in club land will probably start flooding back with flashbacks of partying to the duo's three UK top ten hits in the early nineties 'Playing with Knives,' 'Such a Feeling' and 'I'm Gonna Get Ya.'

Over a decade later and with a major change in sound, Bizarre Inc DJ/Producers Andy Meecham and Dean Meredith are joined by cohort DJ Steve 'Fella' Kotey and are widely known as the dance trio Chicken Lips.

"They are completely different projects," explains Steve. "Bizarre Inc ended about six or seven years ago and Chicken Lips has a different sound and approach."

Andy and Dean started the Lips project for Kingsize Records in 1999 as a progression from Andy's solo work as Sir Drew. At the time, Dean was recording as part of Psychedelia Smith and the pair soon had a busy DJing schedule playing the length and breath of the UK and guesting in countries including Italy, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

This led to the joining of Steve who takes the DJ sound of the Lips to the world, playing at most international bookings, while Dean continues DJing in the UK and Andy focuses on the Lips studio work.

To date, the Lips have released eight singles with Kingsize and two full-length albums including remixes of/by Silicone Soul, Justin Robertson, Maurice Fulton, Idjut Boys, Medicine & Bentley Rhythm Ace.

Top ten chart placements for the trio include the DMC Buzz chart, the Music Week CoolCuts and the DJ Beats chart and radio play comes from the likes of Pete Tong, Steve Lamacq, Mary Anne Hobbs, Annie Nightingale, James Hyman and Arthur Baker. DJ support is also outstanding for the Lips with followers including James Lavelle, Lottie, Touche, Groove Armada, Andrew Weatherall and the Idjut Boys.

The trio currently has major plans on the production and remix fronts, with a number of singles and albums due for release over the next few years.

"A DJ kicks mix for K7 with full tour in November, a new album for Kingsizefor release in 2004 and solo LP side projects also for release in 2004 - loads and loads of new emixes," says Steve who sounds particularly excited bout the upcoming artist album.

"It's going have a vocal here and there so that's going to be the biggest news. We're looking forward to get started on it," he adds, but Steve is not willing to elaborate on the vocal collaborations just yet. "I can't say right now nothing is concrete yet so I can't really say!"

Along with their work for Kingsize the boys also produce for Session as ZeeFunkg and for DC Recordings as Big200.

"These are just outlets for side projects and help us get into other ideas that may not fit in the Chicken Lips thing," reveals Steve.

"Everybody has different ideas and this is a good way of expressing them."

According to Steve, his own style and approach to producing music has progressed considerably through the years.

"Well I hope I have got better that's one thing that time should do. My ears are more open now that can only be a good thing."

Having worked in dance music for over a decade Steve has also noticed some major changes seen in the industry since the early days.

"The surge of the independent label - there is more of an open book to producing music now, you can go grab a laptop and some software and your away, so I suppose the biggest change is in technology that has had an effect on the music industry."

Steve is on his way out here representing the Chicken Lips DJ sound and says he is looking forward to the upcoming tour.

"I intend to really have fun, and treat the good people of Melbourne to a mix of acid boogie/house/techno/disco/funk all messed up and blended the Chicken Lips way!"

Family presents Chicken Lips Saturday August 16 @ Seven Nightclub. Chicken Lips album giveaways on the night courtesy of Inertia.