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Ret:)Respect - Will You Wet Your Pants-

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Monday, August 18, 2003
This Friday night get ready to do it old skool. That's right, the crew from Ret:)Respect are back. Taking place at a secret location and playing all your pre '95 faves, this promises to be a night where it's all about the tunes. TranZfusion talks to d-JCB about all things Ret:)Respect.

What is the main idea behind the Ret:)respect parties-

It's a crew of people bringing together friends and others who love the tunes from 95 and earlier. We want to give it that old skool feel with great decore and minimal advertising for an intimate size crowd.

This is your second party, how did it all begin-

We realised that there were enough of our friends who still loved to hear tunes from the late 80s/early 90s but had nowhere to really go. Plus we thought we could make it somewhat of a reunion of old faces for those who don't go out much anymore... bit like a raver retirement reunion :)

The first one was a great success, what do you attribute this to-

Being in contact with people that really wanted an intimate party with old skool tunes. Keeping it small, intimate and personal is appealing to many. Also we had Jeff Tyler and Hess as guests who both rocked it!

Who do you have on the DJ roster this time-

This time round we have our residents Billie Jazz, myself d-JCB and Hoj along with Astroboy and Neo.

Music wise, what can we expect to hear-

It should be a jam packed night of tunes from all different genres over the years. Expect to hear tracks from people like Inner City, Cosmic Baby, CJ Bolland, Hardfloor, Derrick May, Oliver Lieb, Carl Craig, KLF, Orbital, Future Sound Of London, Thomas Heckmann, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and many more... techno, trance, acid house, hip house, house...

I understand this is at a secret venue, why did you decide to leave the venue a secret-

That was a common thing with parties back in the day. Back then though it was mainly because they were illegal and couldn't advertise the address in case of being shutdown by the Police. However this one's legit ;)

A few fave tracks from yesteryear that you can't wait to play and hear-

There's so many! Here's a couple off the top of my head: "Owl" - Indo Tribe, "France" - THK, "Indoctrinate" - Castle Trancelott, "Fetish" - Baby Ford, "Desire" - Carl Craig, "Big Fun" - Inner City, "Dub Be Good To Me" - Beats International, "Radio" - Emmanuel Top, "Sunrise" - Supertronic Co, "420 Low" Eddie Flashin Fowlkes, "Space 3001 remix" - Space Opera, "Amphetamine" - Drax, "Scramble" - Yo 3, "Tape remix" - B-Sides, "Move (Kid Paul remix)" - Moby, "Once Again Back" - Hardfloor, "Red 2" - Dave Clarke, "Halcyon + On + On" - Orbital, "Future" - Mr. Monday, "Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk remix)" - Humate, "No UFO's" - Model 500, "It's Just A Feeling" - Terrorize, "Hold That Sucker Down" - OT Quartet, "Rich In Paradise" - FPI Project, "Unfinished Sympathy" - Massive Attack and I'm sure that "Papua New Guinea" - Future Sound Of London will get played at one stage. As you can see here, it's all about the tunes!

Is it as good today as it was back in the day-

hmmm... a tough question to answer without being portrayed as a "jaded raver" ;). I'd have to say it's different and it always will be due to change of music, culture, and our environment. There were good times back then and there are good times now.

What do you want people to get from this party more than anything else-

Just like our first party, a heap of people getting psyched to tunes from yester-year. Lots of smiling faces, happy vibes and tunes that will make some people wet their pants!

Friday August 22
Public Office
Adderley Street
West Melbourne
Tickets $15