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Paul van Dyk's Global - It's what dance music is all about

Author: michelle pirovich
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Some reckon dance is dead, gone they say is the innovation and creation that kept the underground throbbing for many a precious year. Gone too is the goose-bump inducing euphoria and the overt friendliness of 3am. But wait…before you go thinking it is all but a dying memory, Paul van Dyk's 'Global' is sure to rekindle a few fires.

Celebrating Paul's amazing 10 years on the world dance circuit, 'Global' captures the emotion we have all experienced in the clubs while simultaneously connecting with much of what is going on in the streets of the USA, Europe and Asia.

From a musical perspective there is little I need to mention. 'We are alive,' 'For an Angel,' 'Another Way,' all the tracks you know and love from PvD are here and sounding exceptional after having been re-recorded in 5.1 surround sound. But even if you don't have the right stereo equipment to fully enjoy this experience, you will still get those chills down your spine and most likely a tear or two in your eye.

Accompanying the music is a stunning collection of images. From the clubs of Japan to the countless many at Love Parade, 'Global' has captured the essence of the universal dance scene. The whacky and wild outfits, the glowsticks and legwarmers, the big smiles and big tears, the bug eyed punters and the crazy Japanese kids. It's all familiar and it's all there, well except for the Melbourne Shufflers to which Paul offers his deep apologies. 'I promise the next dvd we do will feature Melbourne.'

Behind the music, the clubs and parties is the man himself, and 'Global' offers us a small insight into his world. We see that Paul is mostly shy and doesn't particularly like being in front of the camera, but one thing for sure is that PvD absolutely loves what he does. Not just a faceless DJ on a pedestal playing to a crowd that has probably paid far too much for the experience, PvD is only too glad to be the one making these people laugh, smile and dance like it was their last.

On the extras front we have five original video clips made by PvD Productions. Excerpts from interviews in which Paul discloses all those little things that he probably hopes to never get asked by a journalist ever again. There are also two movie trailers to which Paul contributed; 'Zudro' the Mexican film from director Carlos Salses and of course Australia's 'One Perfect Day' where many Melbourne clubbers got the opportunity to be an extra. Where would a dance music extravaganza be without a few words from the clubbers- Global presents characters that will have you in fits of laughter, others that are just a little nutty, and one couple which will freak you out when you come to realise how scary you really do look at 4am.

Many a year ago, I had the best night of my life, Paul van Dyk was the headline act. I can't remember the names of songs played but I will never forget the insane amounts of fun that were had that night. 'Global' took me back to that place, it made me remember why I fell in love with dance music in the first place. So if you're cynical outlook needs a push towards the positive or if you just want to relive a few precious moments, immerse yourself in 'Global' and rediscover all the good stuff about dance.

Global is out through Shock Records

We are alive
Seven ways
Forbidden fruit
Beautiful Place
Another Way
Tell me why
Step right up
Together we will conquer
A magical moment
For an angel
My world