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Papa WashingtonTrio - :How a Rather Oddly Named Band Got Rather Good Reviews

Author: hustler
Saturday, May 24, 2003
What a ridiculous name for a band....But as stable mates to the likes of Crazy Penis on respected Manchester based Paper Recordings, its not surprising really. Papa Washington Trio- had no agenda, just a combination of hurriedly chosen words from Scotsmen Mathew, Martin & dj harri prior to the looming release date of their debut 12" ....this somewhat unusual creative technique repeated for the application of titles to their debut album Trio de Janeiro.

From their humble beginnings with a one off AA12" Calling All Dancers/ Chocolate Fingers, the dj returns were rather more enthusiastic than Paper recordings had perhaps expected. After play listings by everyone from Ashley Beedle, Rocky & Diesel, Ian Pooley , Danny Tenaglia, Silicone Soul & the US west cost fraternity, the 12" was repeatedly repressed, becoming an unexpected label bestseller, Fabric favourite & European compilation choice. Ridiculous really for a 12" the trio weren't all that convinced by & only reluctantly played at Glasgows celebrated Sub Club by resident & Trio member-dj harri. But I guess M8 magazine ( UK ) didn't call it fuckin great house music for nothing.

Sensing success, Paper commissioned an album, but labels like Guidance & Glasgow Underground amongst others were also keen
to take on the oddly named Papa Washington Trio.

After much soul searching & more than 2 years in the making, the album was finally released through Paper Recordings. With references to Funkadelic, Thomas Bangalter & the early sound systems of Jamaica, the album was met with widespread media acclaim. Hailed as a debut album of timelessly elegant & unpretentiously catchy house, Muzik magazine declared that three scotsmen may well have produced the house album of the year. Dj magazine ( UK ) gave both the punningly titled Trio De Janeiro album & 12 a top ten hype chart placing, awarding the album 4/5 stars and a recommendation that djs out there should play it loud.

And oddly enough, they did.

We were always having a bit of a laugh, begins Martin Coll producer, musician & music management graduate of the trio. The focus has always been to just craft floor-friendly funk.

That is somewhat typically Glaswegian understatement.

Simple but catchy, good time house music insisted Jockey Slut (UK ) of the suitably silly punned title track Trio de Janeiro, released with a supporting mix from Shabooms Dick Johnson, once again caming to the attention of compilers everywhere( even making the xpress 2 Radio 1 essential mix )

Kiwi spinners Soane & Tim Phin, charmed by the second single subsequently licensed it to their own mix cds, resulting in another unexpected dance floor favourite from the Trio across the Tasman.

Somewhat belatedly acknowledging this unusual path to success, Martin Coll of the Trio is coming to NZ mid June to play a highly anticipated live & laptops tour with local percussion; and oddly enough its only the third opportunity to hear it live- ever.

Why NZ you ask- he looks bemused and answers....Why not-
As if the question could be any more ridiculous when you're a member of an electronic band with a name like Papa Washington Trio.