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PIY back to the PLUR

Author: Nigel Tan
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
PIY on Sunday exceeded all expectations. We had 12 DJs play and they blew us all away with quality skills and excellent track selection. Though majority were Progressive, we had an Old School set from Peter Bradshaw which helped him win the Mooks prize pack. There was floorless Techno from Rob Stagnitta and a Hard Trance set from Vlad Marcok that was an instant floor filler.

It is easy to keep saying that the quality was good but the quality was seriously good. Michelle will be getting in contact with a few for interviews and Dean Milson was able to increase his roster for Private Function, so if there are any other scouts out there come down to the next PIY and see some of Melbourne's freshest talent.

We did have some ringers. Two to be exact and they let loose using the event to their full advantage. Aaron Roach (Hypnose) created a PIY record playing 25 seamless tracks in his 30 minutes and I have to say that Nick Gaff (Degenerator) from Melbourne Techno Massive absolutely caned the turntables with the funkiest booty house.

There was some potential for the ½ hour format to get out of hand but the PIY DJs all observed the unwritten rules and the transitions between DJs were sometimes un-spottable.

Some found the Xone 464 mixing desk a little daunting to begin with, but early on most were able to grab it by the knobs and give it a tweeking so hard it needed a cigarette after.

We managed to achieve our goals of creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere where the more experienced could experiment and the less experienced could get feedback from a discerning crowd.

A hugemugous thank you to those who took part and especially those who supported. Thanks also to Bo from bourgie who provided a top class venue and the most primo equipment, and thanks to Mooks for putting together our prize packs.

If you want to take part in the next PIY, make sure you register at the next intake. Dates and details will be finalised soon.