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Old skool stylin's with Billy Jazz

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, January 20, 2003
Drag out your smiley T's and bandanas cos when Billie Wheatley aka Billy Jazz hits the decks with a mish mash of hip hop, rave, trance, acid house and even cheesy nineties dance at this weekends Rainbow Serpent Festival you can expect to be transported back to the days when you fell in love with it all.

TranZfusion caught up with Billy for a quick chat about being stuck in the past, the wonders of the outdoor doof and his addiction to Ebay.

For those of us unfamiliar with you, who and what is Billy Jazz all about-

'Billie Jazz' plays from the heart and he's stuck in the past. I play anything from old skool hip hop to classic rave, funky trance, cheesy 90's dance to ambient to acid house. The only rules are that it needs to be well produced, created from the soul, and pre'95!!!'

How do you like the music you play to affect people

'Being one to play classics from the past, I mainly promote reminiscence in my audience. I think we all love to hear tracks that remind us of a happy time in our lives, and to hear tracks that have landed a spot in electronic music history. (Man with No Name & Hallucenogen). But I also like to shock people when I tell them 'this killer breaks track is from '92''

Do you believe that outdoor festivals are the ultimate way to experience music-

'From my personal experience, yes (but anti-gravity doofing might be fun too). I like to take the time out, make the effort to prepare for a few days of self sufficiency and get back in touch with nature. Personally city life can be very corruptive and I find that getting away from it all, losing myself a bit and even finding myself a little, is very healthy. The music and the outdoor festivals with RSF as a prime example, attract some of the most open minded and peaceful people I have ever met. But thankfully music can be heard nearly anywhere and that's one of the many beauties about it.'

Tell me something that no-one would know about Billy Jazz-

'Ok, but if you promise not to tell... uhh hang on'

Who and what are your greatest influences in life and music-

'That's a tough one, I tend not to idolise people but more-so respect certain aspects of a personality or musical piece so I am influenced that way. In life, philosophy, psychology and nature are of great interest to me but I don't let it get on top of me.'

From a music perspective, what do you hope to achieve in the year 2003-

'To improve my programming skills, play more house parties, and control my Ebay addiction!'

What would you like to say to those awaiting you at the Rainbow Serpent Festival-

'I'll be bringing out some warm, uplifting and twisted sounds in my ambient set. The opening set last year had a great response and I really enjoyed it so I think I'll continue that journey and kick off the 6th RSF with a subtle elevation.'

Billy Jazz plays at the Rainbow Serpent Festival this long weekend.