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Nubreed - Signed to the Mob

Author: Katie Elles
Thursday, June 19, 2003
Melbourne based trio Nubreed, Jayse (Jason Catherine), Mykel (Michael Walburgh) and DB (Danny Bonnici) are world renowned for their successful 12"s and remixes of everyone from Tiesto & Junkie XL, to Way Out West, Skunk Anansie and Groove Terminator.

In Australia, they were nominated for 3 DMA's (Dance Music Awards) last year for Best Debut Artist, Best Live Act and Best New Release, and nominated for Best Live Act again at this year's awards.

Now, the trio are set to release their highly anticipated debut album, having signed a deal with Mob Records in the UK. I caught up with DB for a chat about the new project and here's what he had to say

Can you start by telling us about the new album-

We're putting the finishing touches on that now. We're hoping for a release late this year through Mob and we will also be looking for an Australian release that will be different. The Mob stuff will be more dance oriented - more specific to the actual UK sound of that label in particular. But when we do an Australian release we'll have more songs on it so, it will be more band oriented because I guess ultimately that's where we want to push our sound in the end anyway.

Why have you decided to release the two different versions-

When we signed the album deal to Mob it was very specific as to what they wanted for that album so, we followed in that way and did a lot of dance-floor oriented stuff for that release. Whereas for the Australian release, we haven't found anyone we want to put it out yet so we'll be throwing them a whole bunch of new lyric based stuff and we'll tour it around Australia to see what people think.

Having been together for around ten years, why release your first album now-

When we started as Nubreed we were more about releasing 12"s and making a lot of a noise in the underground scene as far as pushing that sound. Getting a lot of 12"s out there and some remixes built up our reputation. We've started from the bottom, not trying to jump in halfway through. So I guess we've held off on the album because we've been busy doing 12"s, remixes and experiencing other things, like the Dirty Fours, which is all 4 4 stuff so we like to keep all our options open.

Tell us a bit more about your work under the Dirty Fours guise.

Having Dirty Fours is an outlet where we can write all that other stuff. When you sit down and write a song, sometimes it doesn't come as 'oh I feel like a breaks track today' or 'oh, I feel like writing this'. Sometimes it ends up being something else and you always want a home for music so rather than confuse people we just have names for totally different styles and stuff.

In the UK this year you were nominated for Best New Artist at the Breakspoll Awards and came second in that category. Why do you think you have been so successful overseas-

We put in the hard yards doing lots of vinyl that was all mostly overseas. A lot of 12"s coming out through different breaks labels and getting good remixes for big name artists like Way Out West and all those other little things that have popped up and helped our profile along. We've always been in mags for that over there. You pick up a mag and it says 'single of the week is…' and 'this is another 12" from Nubreed,' so, you keep feeding them the material slowly. It's like the slow release factor.

How do you find performing as a live act compares to producing tracks in the studio- Do you prefer one to the other-

I like doing both. I like the fact that I can lock down in the studio and grow a beard and become a real hermit and not talk to anyone and then just come and say right here's a bunch of goodies, let's go and tour it. That's been really good for us in Australia, being able to tour around the country and hitting everyone with the tunes. I think we're building a bit of a following slowly in each state so, hopefully when the album drops everyone will be up for it.