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Luke Chable - 7 Quick Ones

Author: Dean Millson
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Well you'd have to have been lying under a rock (or at least dancing under one) not to have heard of Luke Chable over the past 18 months. Having been touted as "the next big thing" to come out of Australia, Luke has certainly been working hard to deliver on that, currently with three separate solo deals (SAW, Vapour and Zero Tolerance recording) plus numerous other remix projects, cheeky bootlegs and collaborations.

There is also a very strong rumour going around that Mr Chable was recently contacted by none other than Sasha to congratulate him on his success in the studio to date as well as to chat about the possibility of using some Chable productions on a future album project (Northern Exposure 4 anyone-).

On top of all of that, Luke's profile as a DJ seems to be taking off with a busy schedule of dates around Australia in 2003 - one of them being at the next instalment of definitely Melbourne's fastest growing monthly progressive party "Private Function" (proudly supported by Tranzfusion!).

We were able to catch Luke in between his busy schedule for a quick Question and Answer…

Firstly, what are you working on at the moment in the studio- Anything tasty that we should look out for in the future-

I'm working on heaps of things. A remix for Release records, Sumsonic, new records for ZT, Vapour, and a bundle of tunes with my faves Nubreed.

Tastey stuff- Ride by Chable & DB, umm Tokyo by Chable & The Dirty Fours... there's loads more, too much to list!

You've collaborated a lot in the past (with Phil K and Ivan Gough notably) and I believe "Bass Trap" (produced with Dirty Fours aka. Nubreed) will be released on Vapour soon. Recently you've had two solo releases through Zero Tolerance,.. When I spoke to you last you were beginning to work on solo projects a little more, is this still the direction you‚re looking at moving in- (if not, who might we be seeing you teamed up with in the future-)

Definitely looking at working on more original stuff as time goes on, less remixes. I will still be teaming up with Phil & Nubreed notably in the future, as well as Fernandez. Other projects to look out for are Gwill Morris and I, and also a couple of tracks with James Holden.

Music and the Internet. What are your thoughts-

Um, I think the internet has definitely been a source for leaking new tracks, and this is what I don't like. Programs like soulseek offer a valuable way to share stuff - to share samples rather than full tracks that is! It just ends up putting a hole in the pocket, and that hole is growing which means higher prices paid for new records.

The last twelve months have seem Melbourne firmly cement itself as a very important part of the worldwide dance music scene ˆ with the likes of yourself, Nubreed and Infusion leading the way production wise and DJ‚s like Phil K and Kasey Taylor taking it to the world stage (not to mention Labels such as Vapour and Zero Tolerance). How does it feel to be a part of this- And is there anyone I have missed that we should be looking out for-

It's great to be a part of this at the moment, but there is still a long way to go! It's very exciting because this is only the start of the attention that we are about to get. I can't wait to see 5 yrs on! Other people that are creating names for themselves include Jono Fernandez, and Dan Mangan & Keltec have got some wicked tunes lined up also.

Recently you have begun DJing more and more- Melbourne has not really seen that much of you behind the console, but you recently played the Two Tribes recovery back in March and will be playing at "Private Function #13" in June. What can the PF crowd expect from a Luke Chable set- Is DJing something that you‚re passionate about pursuing further-

I'm definitely passionate about Djing - I love it a lot. Melbourne hasn't really seen much of 'Luke Chable' behind the decks, but Ivan (Gough) and I have had quite a few stints back in the<