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Lisa Lashes on Ibiza, Hard House and Life As a Jehovah's Witness

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, May 24, 2003
"At one point hard house wasn't considered cool and I think people get frightened by the term, but what it means is house music, bumped up a few bpms. Sometimes people say 'You're the Queen of Hard Dance' and I'm like 'I hate that term'.

Chatting down the line from her Midlands headquarters, Lisa Lashes laughs as she outlines the music policy for Lashed in Ibiza, a 15 week series of parties that she's launching this season in Ibiza.

"Hard house is my style of music and none of the other clubs on the island are playing it," she continues.

"Why not give the people what they want, I'm not saying everyone will want to come but at least they'll now have a choice."

Lashes is teaming up with long term friend and fellow hard house lover Anne Savage for their forthcoming night at San Antonio superclub Eden, which opens kicks off with a grand opening party on June 18 with special guest rave veteran Rob Tissera and Prodigy hero Leeroy Thornhill opening up the club's backroom. The night promises to be unique, certainly if Lashes has her way.

"We don't want to take any heat from anybody," she stresses.

"For Judgement Sunday, for example, Jules has got his trance room and his funky room, while we have our hard house and electro/ Miami Bass room. We don't want people to think we're doing the same thing as anybody else."

Skrufff (Jonty Adderley): You've announced your season in Ibiza relatively late, how long have you been planning it-

Lisa Lashes: "I've been DJing in Ibiza for five years now, working for (Judge) Jules for three of them. I've always been at Eden though and the guy who owns the club approached us fairly recently because he had a free Wednesday slot. He approached one of my business partners Dan Prince, in March, we thought about it, and decided, yeah, why not- Because during the last five years I've been to Ibiza, there's not really been the style of music that I play there, at least not for a whole night. Sure, you get Judgement Sunday with Jules doing his set then myself, Anne (Savage) or the Tidy Boys playing, but we only play 2 hour sets. There are so many people out there who want to go to clubs like they do in England, where they can hear the same style of music all night, so we decided we could offer them that choice."

Skrufff: What's your general approach to the night itself-

Lisa Lashes: "Basically we want to present a happy vibe. It's in San An (San Antonio) so we know the kind of clubbers we're going to get though hopefully we'll also attract some cool Ibiza town types over to see Leeroy. I want the club to be about partying and having fun. It's Anne and I teamed up together and we're always crazy with each other, people like watching us, having a laugh; it makes them have a laugh. We're very compatible, having similar music styles that are still in the hard house area. I think Anne and I are also good as a package; they're aren't any other girls out there doing it with their own nights. So yes, it was a last minute thing but I've always wanted to do my own thing anyway. And if it doesn't work out, then we'll leave it over there, anyway."

Skrufff: Anne talked recently about beating up a teenage love rival when she was 16 and banging her head against a wall, though also said you're harder than she is, (LL: Did she, No!') Are you-

Lisa Lashes: "I don't know because we've never had a scrap, I can't say (chuckling). But I have had a few scuffles in my time, but I don't want to go into it, fighting's not very ladylike, is it- You have to stick up yourself though if people take the piss and I will have a go if somebody's funny with me, or anybody with me, especially if anyone hassles Anne. She usually hides behind me actually if there's trouble. I don't go out scrapping as a rule though, you can't really do it in your high heels, can you-"

Skrufff: Anne also recently owned up to a Gothic past, following bands like the Sisters Of Mercy, what music did you<