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Leeroy From the Prodigy - Getting Lashed With Lisa In Ibiza

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, May 10, 2003
If opposites indeed attract, then Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage's decision to book Leeroy Thornhill as their resident DJ for the back-room of their new night in Ibiza, Lashed at Eden, is likely to be proved a musical marriage made in heaven.

Because not only does the former Prodigy star continue to dismiss house music ('I never really liked house music, I could never cope with a place that played the same music all night') but he's less than enthused about its more 'committed' hardcore fans ('I'm not into hanging around with loads of half dead people who don't wake up until it's getting dark').

However, speaking to Skrufff this week about his forthcoming DJing season at Lisa and Anne's new hard house event, he was optimistic about his upcoming dates.

"I'm really looking forward to it, because I'm planning to create a special vibe in the back room, I'm not going there to have a holiday or to abuse it," he told Skrufff's Jonty Adderley.

"I've got some friends out there and I do plan to enjoy myself, but it's going to be about us doing something different with the music."

For both Thornhill and his two new hard house colleagues, the success of Lashed, a rare new weekly event this season, will prove a useful barometer both for their chosen musical genres (Thornhill favours breaks) and Ibiza's popularity itself in the face of a worldwide travel downturn.

Skrufff: How did you first connect up with Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage-

Leeroy Thornhill: "One of the promoters contacted me because they were looking to provide a different vibe in the club's back room. The promoter liked the breaks style I'm playing at the moment, he ran it past Lisa and she was up for it as well. So we decided to run with it and try and get a vibe happening."

Skrufff: Are you particularly up on the world of hard house-

Leeroy Thornhill: "To be honest, I've been DJing for years and started out playing techno and trance in the early 90s but stopped altogether when drum & bass came along (around 1994). Then about three years ago I was DJing at the Viper Room in LA, and I started getting into that Miami Bass sound. I'd always liked it before whenever we'd been touring in the States so I decided to specialise in that style and since then I've been buying all my records in the States. That way I'm playing stuff that nobody else is playing. Basically, I've found a style of music that makes me buzz again."

Skrufff: What are your specific plans for Eden in Ibiza-

Leeroy Thornhill: "At the moment there's myself and Johnny Mac, who's a UK breakbeat DJ I've played with for the last couple of years. Hopefully, we'll also get some guest DJs in who are a bit different, who can play hip hop or trip hop, maybe even a bit of rock. As long as it's kicking I'm gonna' be happy. But rather than top name DJs I'd rather get people from other bands who I know, playing things that are a bit cool and a bit different. I'm confident we're gonna' get the room rocking, no worries."

Skrufff: Have you spent much time in Ibiza in the past-

Leeroy Thornhill: "I've been there once or twice, just gigging, the last time was maybe 1994 or 95. I've never been much of a party head for that sort of place. I'm not into that scene of going out purely to party, on one level I don't want to put temptation under my nose and on another, I'm more into chilled out scenes anyway. I like a night out but I'm not into hanging around with loads of half dead people who don't wake up until it's getting dark (chuckling)."

Skrufff: Surfing the web, you've got quite a few fan sites out there, one of which says you're the best dancer in the world, is dancing going to be figuring in your sets-

Leeroy Thornhill: "No, not at all. I have a band Flightplan as well as DJing which is about rock music. I might prance about on stage but I don't dance as such. When I dance now it's because I'm out at a club whereas when I was in The Prodigy, if I went ou