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Jeff Tyler's Super Tough Funk Junk

Author: Well
Saturday, October 4, 2003
From its early days at the Mansion way back in 1996 all the way through to now, the only constant thing about Phreakin is that it is has been constantly evolving, just like the man behind it all, Jeff Tyler.

For many of us it is hard to imagine Melbourne's Electronic Music scene without Jeff Tyler being at the cornerstone of it. Having played his first gig at Eclipse in 1992, Jeff has ridden the roller-coaster ride of Melbourne's party scene. From its underground roots of the early 90's, through to its commercialisation in the late 90's, he has been there and seen it all.

And whilst many of us, myself included, are becoming frustrated and disenchanted with the way Melbourne's scene has evolved, Jeff is excited. "Its '91 all over again, its time to rebuild what we had," and it is with this energy and passion that Jeff believes that "2004 will be the year of Phreakin."

Although saying this, the Phreakin crew have not quite finished with us in 2003, with tours confirmed with Chris Lum (11th October)and Fred Everything (21st November) still to happen before the big one, New Years Eve. Although keeping the majority of details under his hat, we can announce that the Phreakin crew will be hosting New Years Eve spectacular at South Wharf featuring Cascade and the Fabric posse.

With a record collection consisting of in excess of 12,000 vinyl, it is no wonder why Jeff Tyler is never short of something to play. But the pure size of his vinyl collection is also a reflection of a man who is constantly striving for the new, new thing. In a previous article, Jeff is quoted as only having one golden rule, and that is "whatever finds its way onto his slipmats must be upfront, unique and the best of its kind". So when quizzed about his musical style at the moment, he simply suggests that it's "rock house". After some gentle prodding he elaborates to suggest that it is "kind of elctro infused house, but with sort of a rock sounding beat". It is this type of answer, that best describes Jeff Tyler, he's an innovator, a style starter.

In a way over the last few months, Melbourne has witnessed the rebirth of Phreakin, with parties featuring the exploits of Dizzy and Jay Jay. These parties have been the foundation of a fundamental shift in the way Phreakin goes about its business. Jeff has made a conscious decision to attempt to become the leading purveyor of Melbourne's underground house scene,

"Phreakin will be holding larger parties every 5 to 6 weeks, featuring the talents on some of the worlds best producers and DJ's".

It becomes almost captivating listening to the passion that drives Jeff Tyler, it is not money, fame or glory it is a passion for the music that drives him. Since 1996, Jeff Tyler has done nothing but live for music, it is full-time job which he admits consumes his every moment "I probably work hours of about 11.00am to 5.00am, but its what I love". Unfortunately, Jeff has put a halt to his serious production work to concentrate on rebuilding Phreakin, which means we are going have to wait even longer for his much anticipated solo album (it has only been 8 years now!!).

Although it is sad that we will never see Jeff Tyler playing the morning set at a Hardware Party at the docks again, it is exciting to know that we are in store for a regular dosage of Phreakin madness.

So Melbourne we are blessed with exciting times, as the weather starts to heat up so does the Phreakin action. Why- Because it's all about the music!

Chris Lum appears at Room
11th October 2003